@JesseRowell I'm trying to recall. I've been plowing through them lately and they tend to run together. I'm bingeing cozies and this one's title was a pun on the bakery. Ah, got it: Crust No One. Can't recall the author.

Please be patient with those of us who've been so subdued by for-profit social sites that we need some time to rethink our whole approach. 🙂

The Leaning Light
This week’s reading is The Leaning Light by Andrew J Manera. Its themes are duality and waveform collapse. Length about seven and a half minutes. Listen to this and other s

@coreyspowell Actually, there is sound in space. Nasa reported on the lowest sound ever observed: B-flat fifty-seven octaves below middle C.


Do not hire any more, or is it the ? I am seeing a lot of bad in these days. For example, on the left page, early in the first chapter, the protagonist didn't hear some people leave the store because there was no bell on the door. On the facing page, the bell jangled as someone entered the store. There follows an embarrassing series of similar incompetence. Things that should have been caught by someone, especially if they're being paid to do so.

I've been watching Peter Gunn. The original series. I think I'm falling in love with Edie Hart.

Love the , too.

@sopa I have a Parker51, which is almost identical to the 45, and it's my best pen. We also have a 45, but I haven't used it. Maybe I should ask SWMBO if I could borrow it for a while.-)

@LindaPFields Search on those tags and if you like what you see pin it. Then start following interesting people.

@MargaretSefton I can readily see not following someone then, but what's going to happen if they follow you?

Okay I think I figured it out. #mastodon is the cool dinner party you were reluctant to attend but once you’re there, you’re so happy you went.
You have a cocktail with a #writer . You’re seated next to a #scientist . You smoke an after dinner joint with an #artist .
You leave relaxed, renewed, happy, and fulfilled. You wake up the next morning with your hope in humanity restored.

@EirinKidsBooks Thank you. I wonder if the people planning to live on Mars have thought about the "friends" they're going to have to take along. We need out little allies.

@kevryanperson Yeah, you just have to want it, kind of like overcoming addiction.-)

@SuzanneFrischkorn I love reading the story as a whole when I finish the manuscript. It's always interesting to see what I have there.

@nlowell That's what I'm cautious about. I don't want to spend hours a day on this, so I have to try to manage how much there is without missing the good stuff.

@EirinKidsBooks Yes. Sometimes I feel like a planet with trillions of inhabitants.

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