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Digging in the garden might turn up a wriggle of worms.

Photo by CAFNR on / CC BY-NC

The Plainsrunner - Chapters 37 & 38

Facts emerge after the devastating attack. They reply to the message from Sunward. Tallgrass visits Seagrass in hospital. A new member joins the team. They get their orders.


International Day Against DRM 2018

Tuesday, September 18th.

The theme for this year is A Day Without DRM, which is exactly what it sounds like. While we encourage our supporters to enjoy DRM-free media, we'll also be highlighting some unlikely places one might find DRM ... more at the link.

Image: Brendan Mruk CC-BY-SA

One might watch a slither of snakes go by.

photo credit - Framesnlight CC-BY-SA

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