What do you think of this as the cover for my latest Vin Stone novel: Vin Stone -- Not a Detective? Vin is a freelance accountant who keeps blundering into mysteries.

I have a small collection of . I use them for my . My favorite is a . I thought a would be a good addition, but it has been disappointing. I had a cheap P51 clone which was excellent until it wasn't. I stumbled on the . Nice price. Good heft. 5 cartridges and a converter. It's a medium but I think it's finer than that. So far it seems a good addition to the rotation.

There's nothing like a cup of , a fountain pen and lots of paper.

There are too many things to include in one , so I'm going to do several.

I have a established as a place for my , Green Comet, to live. greencomet.org I needed material so there are posts on , , , , , , , , , and , among many others.

The Green Comet - CC-BY-SA - is available for free download in both and forms at the site.

There are too many things to include in one , so I'm going to do several.

In addition to , I also them as . Now that I've moved out of the closet, where the clothing absorbed the echoes, I'm experimenting with egg cartons, quilts and cork. Another project has me other people's and posting them on the website - greencomet.org. If you can think of any suitable candidates, please let me know.

There are too many things to include in one , so I'm going to do several.

I'm glad there is such a nice developing here. People talking about , , and .

I'm just finishing up my eighth book, Vin Stone - Not a Detective. It will be available as an and .

My first three , the GreenComet trilogy, are licensed and are available for free download at my website - greencomet.org.

If a good hockey player can "stickhandle in a phonebooth," does that mean that a good soccer player can "dribble in a phonebooth?"

Spotted this on the western hills, so I grabbed my camera. The batteries were dead. Has it really been that long since I took a picture? Fortunately, I had some fresh batteries, so I was able to get this shot. Not quite as good as it was before, but okay.

Groups of people can easily be lumped together by profession.

Any more than one seems like a lot of car dealers.

Image: Buster Lang CC-BY-SA

The - Chapter 54

This is the last week of this serialization. The Plainsrunner will soon be published online, so now is the time to ask my readers for a review. For a review copy contact me at greencomet.org.

This week: The Sunwardians go home in their repaired vessel, and the Grasswindians enjoy a cup of ersatz coffee with Archie. Tallgrass and his crewmates prepare to return to Grasswind.



On the promenade you'll see an amble of walkers

image credit Txllxt TxllxT CC-BY-SA

The Plainsrunner is down to its last few chapters. It's never too late to join.

The Plainsrunner - Chapters 48 & 49

They meet an alien who warns them not to use their weapons. They begin to learn the truth. One of the crew is injured. They are taken deep into the giant space vessel to meet the ones behind it all.



As everyone knows, once you have any number of them you have a mess of children.

Image credit: CC-BY Wellcome

There are collective nouns for humans too. In honor of gaggle for geese, someone came up with a giggle of girls.

image credit: Dawn Hudson CC0 public domain

They don't have to be animals. How appropriate it is to call a stand of willows a bend of willows.

image: Michael Trolove CC-BY-SA

The Plainsrunner - Chapters 42 & 43

We're nearing the end of the serialization of The Plainsrunner, a novel I've been publishing weekly on a local website.

This week,Tallgrass reflects on everything that has happened. Blunt plays a joke on Tallgrass. They prepare to reverse Emissary and begin decelerating. Blunt apologizes to Tallgrass.



The Plainsrunner - Chapters 40 & 41

They give their vessel a name and set out for L1, and the mysterious object there. They lose contact with Mission Control, and Tallgrass fears for Seagrass's safety again.



The animals don't even have to be real. A herd of unicorns, should they come in herds, would be called a blessing of unicorns.

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