Do not hire any more, or is it the ? I am seeing a lot of bad in these days. For example, on the left page, early in the first chapter, the protagonist didn't hear some people leave the store because there was no bell on the door. On the facing page, the bell jangled as someone entered the store. There follows an embarrassing series of similar incompetence. Things that should have been caught by someone, especially if they're being paid to do so.

@arjaybe that is annoying, continuity errors are the worst. What book was it, if you don’t mind me asking?

@JesseRowell I'm trying to recall. I've been plowing through them lately and they tend to run together. I'm bingeing cozies and this one's title was a pun on the bakery. Ah, got it: Crust No One. Can't recall the author.

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