So… what is it that we actually live in? The bad place? Purgatory? Computer game? A dream? One out of an infinite number of universes? What do you think?

What is life?

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@EirinKidsBooks I think we live in physical reality, the result of a quantum fluctuation in the Yogic void.

As for life, there is this definition that I have never heard anyone disprove: life kills.

I don't let that make me sad, though.-)

@EirinKidsBooks The object is to find some form of life or way of living that doesn't involve killing to maintain it. Our immune systems, for instance, keep us alive by killing microbes. If unsuccessful, the microbes kill us.

@arjaybe Also we mutually need each other to survive… Even our DNA is part bacteria. It’s fascinating…


@EirinKidsBooks Yes. Sometimes I feel like a planet with trillions of inhabitants.

@arjaybe We kind of are. Weirdly shaped planets with inhabitants on the outside and inside. I like how you think.

@EirinKidsBooks Thank you. I wonder if the people planning to live on Mars have thought about the "friends" they're going to have to take along. We need out little allies.

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