@arjaybe I heard the Parker 51 is making a comeback this year.

@soum I'd like to see that. If I can get a Parker 51, then I might have a real incentive to buy a new .

@arjaybe I hope the comeback pen is a true 51 with all the good technology from the original 51. Even if they decide to make it a basic CC filler to keep costs low, I only hope that they don't cut corners with the quality like Conklin and a few others seem to have done.

@soum I just spent an enjoyable hour down a rabbit hole. Here's a thorough discussion about the rumored P51:
Best guess is September.

I also learned about the Wing Sung 601, which looks like a good P51 replica. Then there are apparently a lot of used P51s available.

@arjaybe Yeah, plenty of used ones around. Both of mine were bought from used pen dealers.

@soum Could you point me toward some of those used dealers? Do you trust them?

@arjaybe The ones I buy from are in India. There are very trustworthy sellers of vintage pens on FPN and from the Reddit community as well.

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