Drought – Not
Spring and early summer have been good so far this year. It has been unusually cool and wet. The numbers haven't been ex

All images, except where noted, credit Wiebke Salzmann CC-BY-SA. Click images for larger versions.

Cloud of the Day - Corona

Here is

1 22°-halo, 2 Parhelia (Sundog), 3 Sun pillar, 4 Parhelic Circle, 5 Circumzenithal Arc, 6 Tangent arcs and Circumscribed Halo, 7 46°-halo, 8 Subsun


Another DMCA Crime
Sintel is an animated short film produced by the Blender Foundation and released under a Creative Commons lic

Human Rights – Article Ten
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)

Unglue.it wants to set books free. The method they've chosen is to pay the people who hold the rights to the books to

Thud, son of Thog, stood on The Rock watching for the Sun to go down. Behind him burned the fire, which he had kept going for the last week.

Cloud of the Day - Cirrostratus

The high etage (over 20,000 feet) has a stratiform cloud type, just as the lower two do. Like the

I think search engines must be afraid of that word. Try searching on "great crested orange". When I do it I get links to my site, but not to this post. When I search on "great crested orange twat" I get no results. What the hell?


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The Great Crested Orange Twat
The Great Crested Orange Twat -- var. The Great Crested Orange Twit or The Great Crested Orange Twitter -- is a conte

Cloud of the Day - Stratus

Stratus doesn't have the identity crisis of stratocumulus. While stratocumulus has features of both layer and cum

Cloud of the Day - Cumulonimbus

If towering cumulus is the big brother of the cumulus family, then cumulonimbus is the bad tempered

Towering Cumulus
Cloud of the Day - Towering Cumulus

Towering cumulus, also known as cumulus congestus, is what happens to fair weather cumu

Fair Weather Cumulus
Cloud of the Day - Fair weather cumulus

Fair weather cumulus clouds, also known as cumulus humilis, are the puffy w

Spanking for Love
I had a hard time with this. I found it so bizarre that I thought it must be a hoax or a parody. But I went to the Learning Domestic Discipline website a

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