In last 96 hours on , I found:
- 3 sci-fi I haven't read before
- 50 great sites
- five programming concepts
- three
- ideas on /#GS for teaching
- insights on how to debate in

Over the same 96 hours, similar browsing, in Facebook and Twitter, I found:
- 50 different posts about funny memes on Airlines
- Several hundred vanity posts and selfies
- 1 article on
- Trolls fighting with each other.
Go figure!

- Vernor Vinge "Rainbow's End" + two more (Fire upon the deep + peace war)
- Depoloying Mastodon instances on Docker/DigitalOcean, APL, Mastodon_CLI (well not quite programming but fun), insights on functional/object oriented programming concepts, python resources

All of these were quite interesting. I had not discovered these earlier, :smiley:

@arinbasu If the mastodon becomes popular, there will be a lot of shit

@Sevansd Possibly, but there is always an exit route and take control of what you want to see, roll your own instance and filter, :-); the after all.

@Sevansd To continue my earlier comments, while I believe in what you write, I also think the way is organised & decentralised, this is a built-in protective mechanism against nonsense as if we choose not to pay attention to what does not interest us, that content will sink to the bottom; relevant content will be boosted by the if you will. So, in the end in our fine tuned local stream we will continue to see more signal than noise.

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