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My best purchase of last year it turns out. Only delivered a month ago. But… amazing keyboard. ❤️
With rainbow led effect. So can’t carry it into a soccer stadium this worldcup. 😅

Integrating and automating all the things. so hopefully I’ll be posting more frequently everywhere. 😬😅👍

A toot with a discount on a book I wrote. Me trying to sell something. 

Special discount on my book. This code is Mastodon specific and steeper than the one on the bird site.

A single word profanity. 

Well that just sucks. I can't join the @CocoaHeadsNL meetup tonight...

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"I've reviewed a fair number of keyboards in my time, and this is the best I've ever used, hands down (but really you want them to be floating). Hell, it's probably the best thing I bought all year." -


Published latest newsletter on SubStack. Lots of nice links for iOS devs and nice pictures of Do iOS.

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I just set up a monthly donation for my Mastodon instance admin. (Thanks @nova!)

managing an instance isn't free, so please consider setting up a monthly payment to help keep the lights on. mine is for $8/month, because I found that to be the funniest amount given... reasons

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Matthew Inman is awesome. (I don't think he's on the Fediverse, but if by some weird fluke you're not familiar with his work.)

I just published the 200th episode of AppForce1: news and info for iOS app developers on Buzzsprout!

Getting to my podcast recording session is proving to be really hard this week. 😅

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If you are an iOS dev and your experience with is not so great. (They are getting hit hard today with traffic.) Consider joining

It's been simply amazing over here.

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If anyone knows of any positions for an iOS developer, please send them my way.

iOS skills:
* SwiftUI
* Storyboarding
* Starting to learn Driverkit
* Apple Watch Development, apps and complications
* More

I'll be looking myself, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to make a post here as well.

Boosts greatly appreciated. :heart_cyber:


What would it take to run managed Mastodon instances to the level @mastohost is doing?

I think it would be great to setup an offering located in the Netherlands.

Still looking for someone to do development at Stream. (See what I did there with the conference name?)

Senior, remote ok (EMEA), amazing team.

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I’ve asked this on Twitter before but let’s also try it here in the hope to reach more people outside of the #infosec bubble.

Do you use a password manager?

Reblogs appreciated!

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Hi! I'm Dani, iOS Engineer in the #accessibility team at Spotify. I like learning about ways of making #iOS apps more accessible and writing about it: every day, for a whole year, at #365DaysIOSAccessibility; sometimes, in my blog (; and once, I published a book called "Developing Accessible iOS Apps".

From beautiful Xàbia, Spain. But based in London, UK.


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