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If anyone knows of any positions for an iOS developer, please send them my way.

iOS skills:
* SwiftUI
* Storyboarding
* Starting to learn Driverkit
* Apple Watch Development, apps and complications
* More

I'll be looking myself, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to make a post here as well.

Boosts greatly appreciated. :heart_cyber:


What would it take to run managed Mastodon instances to the level @mastohost is doing?

I think it would be great to setup an offering located in the Netherlands.

Still looking for someone to do development at Stream. (See what I did there with the conference name?)

Senior, remote ok (EMEA), amazing team.

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I’ve asked this on Twitter before but let’s also try it here in the hope to reach more people outside of the #infosec bubble.

Do you use a password manager?

Reblogs appreciated!

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Hi! I'm Dani, iOS Engineer in the #accessibility team at Spotify. I like learning about ways of making #iOS apps more accessible and writing about it: every day, for a whole year, at #365DaysIOSAccessibility; sometimes, in my blog (; and once, I published a book called "Developing Accessible iOS Apps".

From beautiful Xàbia, Spain. But based in London, UK.


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I am a big fan of app modularization. It allows me to keep the features focused and think about app state more. Here's a really good article by Leonardo Pugliese to get started

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Any best practices for periodically exporting your profile from a mastodon instance to back up your follow lists, etc? Suppose an instance suddenly shuts down unannounced. 😅

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Another quick Mastodon tip, to improve your experience (and mental health). You’ve seen the Content Warnings feature, but did you know you can apply them to OTHER people’s posts, automatically based on keywords? Preferences > Filters.

Great for stuff you still want to see in the timeline, but stay collapsed until you’re in the right mood or mindset to read it. I do this for stressful stuff like climate change, or… anything at all in UK politics. 😅

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Working on trying to make this instance feel like more of a community. If you have suggestions, please use the GitHub discussion feature.

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It’s so cool seeing slides made with DeckUI at DO iOS 😍

#DeckUI is a #Swift slide deck SDK that I made a few months back 😁

I was bored on a plane ride and decided to make a slide deck DSL that developers could use to make presentations in #Xcode

I didn’t plan for it to be serious but it turned out really cool and now people are using it in real life presentations 🙌


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We had a great time at Do iOS #doios, the past two days we hosted 15 speakers and had over 120 attendees enjoying our conference.

Here's a cool shot of @donnywals

We recorded all presentations and will make those available in about a month from now.

It is now time for everyone to relax and travel home.

If you were at Do iOS, send us a reply. We would love to find you in the fediverse.

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We are the Dutch CocoaHeadsNL.

We run a monthly meetup group in Amsterdam for over a decade now.

And today (November 8 and 9) we are running the Do iOS conference in Amsterdam.

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If I've done my maths right, Mastodon is adding around a million users a week now. Servers are gonna end up under huge pressure.

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To all the lovely humans starting Mastodon instances:

Please think about succession planning, resourcing, and rules of engagement (aka Code of Conduct) as a matter of priority for your instance.

When you create a community resource, you're making a commitment. If you're new to stewarding a community, ask for help. #AskACommunityManager

It'd be really sad if in 3, 6, 12 months we start losing a ton of instances and Fediverse community members with them.

#MastodonAdmin #FediTips #Admins

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