Every time I think back to this talk at AppDevCon, the room it was in, and the number of people in the audience. Still scares me a bit. 😅

Every time my wife walks in, and sees an open work Slack window on my screen, she asks:
“So, you are working, right?”
Just checking, this is just normal stuff right? 😂

Parenting tip. Get one of those chisel Dino eggs for the kids. Vacuum cleaner at the ready, forbid them to throw down the egg on the ground outside.
They took 3 hours to reduce it to dust and get all the toys out. All the while doing epic coop and creative thinking.

So, who wants to be a guest on my podcast?
Passenger seat snap.

Every time I see a picture of Do iOS 2022, I just love the colors. 😇 Betty Godier on the left.

My best purchase of last year it turns out. Only delivered a month ago. But… amazing keyboard. ❤️
With rainbow led effect. So can’t carry it into a soccer stadium this worldcup. 😅

Organized this, and it is happening today.

Mind blown. :D

It is a developer focussed workshop with 29 participants.

Any keyboard fans around?

This is my Model-100. Been using it for a couple of weeks now.


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