Any nice non-fiction recommendations? I am mostly looking for something difference.
Here is a list of some of the books I read. 📖📚

@appforce1 I see you’re mostly business oriented, but you might be interested in the book Seven and a Half Lessons about the Brain (what the latest science tells us about our brains). It’s concise and very well written.
For infosec books, Bruce Schneier never disappoints. Depending on how you roll, you might also be interested in Snowden’s autobiography.

@reuvenim Bought and on my list now. Kindle had a crazy good deal on the book, $5.

@appforce1 Hope you’d like it. Since lockdowns, I’ve been getting my books for free from the local library 🤓

@reuvenim Portability is important for me to actually get to reading, see ebooks for me. 😅

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