Still looking for someone to do development at Stream. (See what I did there with the conference name?)

Senior, remote ok (EMEA), amazing team.

@appforce1 I’ve seen that job ad so many times in iOS Dev Weekly, finally took a look at it & at the code. Interesting project, code looks good, but I think the offered salary is low for a senior dev. Too low.

@appforce1 weird how it’s the only job opening to mention a salary range. Like, why doesn’t Full Stack Tech Lead mention a salary?

@kevinrenskers Both good feedback to get Kevin.

What would you consider to be reasonable compensation at the moment? Note, the pay indication is adjusted for the Dutch job market.

@appforce1 remote roles don’t only compete with other Dutch job openings though.

For the senior role I think 100k starts to make sense. Cost of living keeps increasing and at US companies salaries *start* at $100k, easily going to 120-150.

@appforce1 I think it’s also low for the Dutch market, compared to other jobs in Amsterdam. Like for example.

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