Every time I think back to this talk at AppDevCon, the room it was in, and the number of people in the audience. Still scares me a bit. 😅

Any nice non-fiction recommendations? I am mostly looking for something difference.
Here is a list of some of the books I read. 📖📚 appforce1.micro.blog/books/

The pull request mentioned is about your suggestion on using Vale. @daniel

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Every time my wife walks in, and sees an open work Slack window on my screen, she asks:
“So, you are working, right?”
Just checking, this is just normal stuff right? 😂

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I still need to get used to using more hashtags, since folks here can follow tags, not just people. So, uh, I’m thinking about #LiveCoding where I tackle this #LegacyCode. It’s in #SwiftLang, mostly using #SwiftUI. Only 7 #UnitTests, of which 5 are #Microtests. How would I bring it under test, in order to #Refactor it? Might be fun. Or frustrating. Or both.

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It’s always a good day when another ticket for #DeepDishSwift gets purchased ☺️

And if you haven’t heard about it yet…

I started a #Swift and #iOS conference in #Chicago 😇

📅 The event is April 30th to May 2nd of 2023

The first day is only for #IndieDev talks 🥳

The keynote is being given by Peter Steinberger 🙌

We have speakers including (but not limited to) @twostraws, @dvrzan, and @bens 🥰

View more details, all speakers, and get tickets at deepdishswift.com/

Parenting tip. Get one of those chisel Dino eggs for the kids. Vacuum cleaner at the ready, forbid them to throw down the egg on the ground outside.
They took 3 hours to reduce it to dust and get all the toys out. All the while doing epic coop and creative thinking.

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حيدرة Space 8K
A meteor, the Milky Way and Mount Fuji, Japan

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Happy commercial mailing list Unsubscribe day to all who celebrate.

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So, who wants to be a guest on my podcast?
Passenger seat snap.

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Every time I see a picture of Do iOS 2022, I just love the colors. 😇 Betty Godier on the left.

Today’s challenge. Write documentation guidelines without being too prescriptive while still getting team members to fall in line and apply said guidelines. 😅 (Tips are welcome.)

Just for the heck of it, I wrote a quick initial impression of my new Model-100 keyboard. appforce1.net/blog/keyboardio-

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