@veryonlinedad I've always thought she was a hack. It's very dismaying that so many adults have thought her low-quality children's books were for grownups

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@starbreaker@octodon.social @kaniini
Everyone should just use QT. It's easier and more performance.

Set a language filter and also mute instances that speak languages you don't understand. Helps immensely for me

Je l'ai vue sur le Psion 5 avec un ecran sans coleurs aussi

Pi Zero is not going to be able to serve much. They're pretty wimpy. I'd recommend getting one of the others. If you really want to geek out, try putting RISC OS on it

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@austinbacasa @antiphon when you see one of these accounts in your fed timeline, click on it. Then next to a bunch of options there’s those three little vertical dots- click on it there’s a menu. One of the options is ‘hide this <instancename>’.

Only in the web interface, whether apps support it is gonna depend on the app.

Also obviously don’t do it to big servers! Because you’ll stop seeing anything.

@austinbacasa So you have a Unicode "verified" check then?

It's so much nicer on the federated timeline now that i've muted the pawoo and the friends.nico instances. Nothing against them but I can't read Japanese and their communities are so large, they just overwhelm everyone else.

My thanks to @viceking for the pointer.

@sandyz I tried that on the web client but it's having no effect on my Mastalab android client

@viceking Apparently Mastalab on Android doesn't offer this feature

Does anyone know how to block tweets from other instances in the federated timeline? I can't read Japanese so pawoo.net is of no interest to me.


I was using them up until the mid 2000s trying to pimp out my Windows ME computer since I couldn't afford XP as a college student.

@athosbr99 @searke One way that would be interesting would be to have a domain verification method which could attach to your account. Something like "affiliated with ibm.com" or some other similar adjective.

@athosbr99 @searke I'm wondering how they are going to stop people from pretending to be someone else since anyone can have your screename on another instance.

@TheAdmin Can they run on machines that cannot access the outside internet? i have several that are firewalled away for internal use only.

@tsturm I think it's a plus and a minus since lots of journalists are toxic or their fans are. but having them around keeps things from being too much navel gazing.

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