@wilw But I also know your personality and figured it was you from the start lol.

@mhaighday Under settings you can switch to English posts in your feed, you can still view any profile but you get a lot more English posts.

@TheAdmin But wow the specs you have put into this instance, that's some dedication.

Hello, this account will be more active after we launch our full new panel and site built from scratch in our own programming language. But for now Hello. 👋

@TheAdmin Looks good, I find cost is a problem, I have dozens of servers and cost ads up with lots of tools that price per server, where Nix prices per batches and runs a lot cheaper for my use.

@TheAdmin That looks great! I love server monitoring services, I had recently moved to nixstats and it's great and a custom TV stats running Numerics that shows API stats in real time from the servers.

@jacethechicken it does not remove them, if they post in English it shows, and if you open a profile the profile feeds still show all posts, so it's understandable to filter to find people you want to interact with.

@Yoopka Ya, but watch out as you can go crazy, I changed my feeds to English only for feeds and it helps but wow the detection is not great.

Yes I am looking at my toots (do they smell funny to you?). I think they look amazing! Especially this one.

@HeatherAntos Ya that can be a pain, I am glad we have backup power and battery banks to fall back on.

@imbsky Is this instance fairly new? I see lots about scaling up recently.

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