Sounds weird, but today I'm especially grateful for my dry cleaner.

He barely speaks any English and I barely speak any Spanish.

But he's a fellow entrepreneur. He works harder and longer than I do every single day.

No one considers him a celeb, but he's a hero to me. /1

I think he honors God in his work.

There's a stack of Gospel tracks on the counter every time I visit. From what I can tell, he conducts himself in a way consistent with that Gospel.

He's a man of principles. Consistent, respectful, always working with the brightest smile. /2

We are separated by age, language, and culture. Probably couldn't appear more different.

But he's my brother in Christ.

That means we share more eternally in common than most of the thousands of people I'm connected to in life of any status, race, or ethnicity. /3

So much of what I do is driven by memories of people like this. The humble people I grew up respecting & admiring.

Some of them told me to my face never to forget them because they knew I'd be somebody.

Don't know if I've lived up to what they dreamed of me.

I pray so. /4

God has been so incredibly gracious to me. I thank Him for His steadfast lovingkindness, His everlasting love, and daily mercies.

I am acquainted with my own evil and wretchedness. Yet God forgives my iniquities and covers me with grace.

What a blessed life.

Soli Deo gloria /5

I don't have a stack of Gospel tracks, but you can know what I believe.

Christ Jesus died for me, a sinner who hated God, so that He would take the penalty I deserved while I took His perfection, to be justified before God on that great day.

Thankful /6


And if you're still here reading this thread, you might be interested in the story of how I got here.

This is my story. /7

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One man's unlikely path to becoming part of the 1% of black Google tech employees

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