I very much like the idea of a FOSS social media platform but have teething problems with Mastodon at the moment.

Not sure how to find subject matter or people to follow. Search brings back no results for popular subjects like , or . Am I missing something?

@anomis66 AFAIK, no search. Hit the Local or Federated streams to see who's posting. There are a few people who re-follow just about anyone, @leo would be one of those, and might be a good way to branch out to new people.

@dredmorbius Cheers for the advice. I've been watching the TL's but most of what I've seen is people floundering around in the dark.

@anomis66 You can only search # and @. The system was designed not to include results from within toots to prevent abuse like in the birdsite

@anomis66 If I search on #PHP I find your toot. So you are probably the first one using them... :grimacing:

@anomis66 Search is from the Compose tab only. In case you're wondering why you're not seeing it.

@anomis66 There's just very few people so far. Mostly IT people though.

People are also encouraged to post tags like so that others could find you.

A few people already found me that way.

@anton I've always tried to use hashtags sparingly so as not to muddy the waters. It's like the proverbial 'needle in a field of haystacks' other wise.

@anomis66 Apparently just using them once is enough so that people can find you

@anomis66 This place is a little confusing. I found you by searching #php -so, the hashtags work, there are just very few of them

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