I've been seeing a lot of negative toots today about misuse and abuse of a federated service. Mainly around the identity theft and misrepresentation of people and brands across different instances. I hope it doesn't snowball.

Mastodon has the potential to be a major player in the social world once it fixes it's minor annoyances.

Being as tomorrow is eve, have any parkrunner's made it onto yet?

It would be interesting to hear where you are planning to run on Saturday. I'll be heading to Basingstoke, UK for my 67th event.

Hi everyone. I'm middle-aged, cranky, hate pretty much everything, and I write about stuff a lot. I'm rude, highly inappropriate, and going through mid-late life crisis, so even talking to me is like a huge chore.

Who wants to be my friend?

I haven't seen so much French in 35+ years. No idea what any of it says. Apologies for my ignorance - I'm English. Is there a language filter on here?

I very much like the idea of a FOSS social media platform but have teething problems with Mastodon at the moment.

Not sure how to find subject matter or people to follow. Search brings back no results for popular subjects like , or . Am I missing something?


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