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ask me anything about glitch, pixel art, and 90s alternative and most nü-metal

Some days I just wish I were a better coder.

Is there a Mastodon-interoperable ActivityPub server that runs on Node.js?

The more I think about federation, the more I suspect it'll be important to have an explicit notion of trust baked into the instances. Each instance would have a whitelist of instances that are believed to be good actors—they properly delete posts, don't harbor harassers, etc. They'd also have a transitively trusted subset, whose whitelists are synchronized into the main whitelist to ease the maintenance burden of any given instance maintainer. So and might share trust

What do you think if we hosted a nice, open source, publicly-editable Mastodon web client on Glitch? Useful?

Hi mastodonglords, is there a way to share, say, an MP3 as part of a toot on any instances? Asking for a friend.

Gotta say, it kinda seems like Glitch is really clicking for people. It's a nice feeling.

Hello! I'm an account created to get followed by followbots!
Please boost this post!
Boosting will cause this to appear in the timelines of instances with followbots, who will then follow me!
I shall post a list of all followbots who follow me, afterwards.
Thank you for participating! :heart::robot:

What kind of media can one attach to a toot?

(To be clear, James, the guy who went for the RTs, is cool as hell and we're talking in a few days. But the fact that tech is so shitty that people think this is where things are at now is... phew.)

Hi, I made a joke about the Wendy's chicken nuggets RT thing & it got misinterpreted and now some earnest young man got 10,000 RTs on his attempt to get an internship with me, goddamnit the Internet is just too much sometimes.

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