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The move away from the iCloud Photos CSAM scanning idea comes as Apple is also announcing a slew of new security features today, including expanded end-to-end encryption for photos, notes, and backups (!!) wired.com/story/apple-end-to-e

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While I do think Twitter is basically done as a serious open source contributor, there was one final comment that I kinda wish had been included:

"But on the other hand, open source is designed to be resilient. The fact that we can be grateful to the amazing Tweeps that have contributed over the years, and then fork the project and give it new life without Twitter, is open source working exactly as intended."

I'm very optimistic those projects can find new homes.


@macjustice @will @tailscale yeah I figured! But I think folks haven’t connected the dots on what might be possible here.

Okay but has anybody made a local ActivityPub server app that uses Tailscale to expose itself to the rest of the fediverse?

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Join me, @darius and lolkat@mastodon.social for a webinar this Thursday at Noon Eastern. We'll be talking about trust and safety on the fediverse.


USA politics 

@amcooper There's something interesting about a new flag. Hmm.

I reflect a lot on Stankonia, on There's a Riot Going On, and there's something there. I don't know what it is yet.

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USA politics 

@amcooper no I don't think they will. But symbols can mean different things, and we do have to win the allyship of people who think the flag is neutral.

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Thanks to @cfarivar for this image of Twitter's new facilities for 24/7 work schedules: "bedrooms featuring unmade mattresses, drab curtains and giant conference-room telepresence monitors"


One thing I've been ruminating on a bit lately, in terms of how we fight fascism and reclaim power, is what if those of us aligned against that movement reclaimed the American flag? (For some definition of "re-".) I know it's a symbol of so much that's wrong, but since the fascists now have their own blue line flag, there could be power in defining American as _us_. Still pondering.

@metagrrrl my masto link was too long to fit int he space, lol. i'll refactor that nav soon.

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Entering the US public domain in 2023: Fritz Lang's silent film science-fiction classic *Metropolis*.

More info behind window 6 of our advent-style countdown calendar for works entering the #publicdomain on Jan 1st: publicdomainreview.org/feature #PDin2023 #film #metropolis

@maartenballiauw @ilya @jeffbyrnes @inertiate yeah, but these are redirects, right? The canonical account is still on a third-party domain?

@hannah @inertiate @timbray yeah there are a number of these; most are not currently accepting signups.

@a @jenn appreciate the kind words. Jenn’s leadership on this has been tireless; we really give a damn about being responsible for our community.

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