@kavbojka @gamehawk we will definitely work to make things easier and have a better way to get started.

@joelg it’s interesting but obviously I’m not as engaged as I probably should be here.

Honestly I’m surprised nobody made their Halloween name say “Klan-Zuckerberg Initiative”.

@joshmarinacci @blair yep, that is very intentional. We think about that use case a lot.

The updated generative art bot starter project now works with both Twitter and Mastodon: glitch.com/edit/#!/generative-

Bonus: An introduction to Mastodon bots that uses this project: botwiki.org/resource/tutorial/

#generativeart #artbots #mastodonbots

You can now search for #Hashtags with #mastoview and choosing if you want to get only results from one instance or its federated results.


#mastodon #search #tools #mastovue

Close runner up, of course, is Darius Kazemi’s roast of every XOXO talk, “How I Won The Lottery”: m.youtube.com/watch?v=l_F9jxsf

My favorite XOXO talk remains the Golan Levin & Pablo Garcia postmortem of their kickstarter that included the names, faces, and living/working conditions of all the Chinese factory workers who actually built the product. The atmosphere in the room just kept getting more and more tense and uncomfortable because nobody could figure out how/when/if to clap. You could feel the room being forced to grow, it ruled.


I have to say, it really feels like people are loving Glitch and we’re making something good, and that makes me super excited. I just have to not screw it up.

@complexadaptive @ceejbot no disagreement there; this conversation was just about identifying behavior patterns that will affect moderation going forward.

The only defense is the stubbornness of individual volunteer administrators.

The worst speech is therefore going to continue to drive out desirable speech here. 2/2

Just caught up on some fractured shard of the Wil Wheaton story.

- 60 reports/day are enough to overwhelm a volunteer admin
- dogpiling can be effective even when coped with by paid staff, historical tracking & analysis, carefully-written policies (see birdsite gamergaters & terfs)z
- the dogpile technique is therefore more effective here
- it's just proven its effectiveness against a celebrity target

Expect a lot more of it. 1/2

@darius @bea my current inclination is that most other fediverse implementations shouldn’t be Mastodon. Will make more obvious that they have unique norms.

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