Uhhh, is that good? (fwiw I don’t think this is accurate, it’s almost certainly counting one of my machines that’s always on.)

Now that my blog is all updated and fancy (see anildash.com/) , I'm looking for more silly things to do with the archives as I get them back online. Back when my site was only 16 years old, I used to have an archive table like this, but I think now it would be too huge to include. (And there's a blogroll up above it!)

The Knicks/Grizzlies game tonight was a thriller, even though it felt like Ja Morant was having a quiet night despite pulling off a triple double. But the real test of the MSG crowd is how they respond to the celebs in the audience. Emily Ratajkowski got polite applause, Pete Davidson got a huge cheer (perhaps for being with Ms. Ratajkowski), Jordin Sparks got surprisingly vigorous applause, as did Floyd Mayweather, whereas John McEnroe and assorted Rangers players just got polite cheers.

I of course always want to be elevating the conversation about media and information ecosystems, but also I’ve been waiting for an excuse for this fit.

Today was a great day for a lot of reasons, but one big one was I got to wear this fresh pair of custom platinum lows I’ve been saving for a special occasion.


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