What do you think if we hosted a nice, open source, publicly-editable Mastodon web client on Glitch? Useful?

@anildash I think that'd be really cool. It'd allow a broader set of people to experiment which could be fun and lead to interesting innovations.
We all have suggestions for social network improvements, but few are capable of implementing them or have the time to.

@anildash yes please!!!! great idea! let me know if you want an early tester! and, please think about accessibillty from the beginner!

@anildash YES PLEASE YES. I've been thinking about this very thing for a few weeks (without the time, focus or nous to build it). And this is exactly the kind of thing for which Glitch is perfect.

It would be awesome.

Several, even, might be nice: the tweetdeck-style UI isn't for everybody.

@anildash please I would love to hack the hell outta that

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