Hi mastodonglords, is there a way to share, say, an MP3 as part of a toot on any instances? Asking for a friend.

@anildash if you convert it to a video format, yes. But it should be obvious why I didn't build audio sharing into the platform XD

@Gargron well, I hadn't anticipated one of Prince's former engineers would betray him by trying to extort his estate, but here we are in the worst timeline. :/

@Gargron @anildash are MP3s disallowed as attachments, or are they simply not displayed?

@migurski @anildash Only allowed attachments are images and mp4/webm. I recommend using external hosts for longer/larger media content. Also, building mp3 sharing into the platform seemed to me like a sure way to get into legal trouble instantly.

@Gargron @anildash @migurski would you consider something like Twitter Cards with on-the-fly rendered views of external content?

@Gargron @obra @migurski I've been pondering the utility of complementing OEmbed with a richer dynamic embedding format, maybe something akin to Slack's app unfurls.

@obra @Gargron @migurski maybe, but not necessarily! App Unfurls can return action buttons or other context specific to the user (or site) making the request. Could be done with a specific defined "rich" format.

@Gargron @anildash @migurski The concern is legit but the same applies to videos (with copyrighted music) so what is the difference really? Also, this should be a setting for an instance admin imo (allowed file formats). So it seems like an odd decision considering it is a decision made for all instances, not just yours?

@sull @migurski @anildash well, webm/mp4 is basically just gif/vine sort of stuff. mp3 sharing is RIAA marking the whole project as a popcorn.time type of thing. in my opinion, anyway.

@Gargron @anildash @migurski idk, maybe if this was all a centralized system then sure, that would be very risky. but if I am running an instance of my own, that risk decision is my own. maybe I just want to share user-gen voice recordings, or public domain lectures etc. with the variety of communities setting up instances, these sorts of restrictions start to become less logical imo. i know, it's open source so edit the code then ;-)

@sull @migurski @anildash But there's also the question of how deep you wanna go into implementing rich media into the platform. Image galleries and a simple video player are one thing, accomodating audio players and whatnot additionally is a lot of bloat when you could just link to external media hosting.

@Gargron @anildash @migurski Yeah good point as far as design decision goes. I can support that reason more than copyright concern one. Is oembed supported already?

@sull @migurski @anildash oembed is planned. we do some opengraph tags resolving for previews, oembed is just slightly more complicated.

@gargron @anildash Maybe I'm missing something, but it's not obvious to me why video sharing is safer.

@_ @anildash because it's limited to 8MB, which is enough for short vine-type videos and gifs only.

@gargron @_ @anildash of course if your "video" is just a static image, 8mb is easily enough for full-length pop songs in good quality… Not gonna fit classical music in there, though.

@Gargron @anildash Wasn't there that one instance that built their own audio thing?

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