I’ve made a ton of progress in the big revamp of my personal blog that I’ve been working on, but I’ve still only gotten the last 8 years of archives tagged and cleaned up. So, uhhhh… 15 years to go. Which sucks, because I’m so pleased with what’s done so far that I sort of wish I could just put that up. I mean, maybe I could? Nobody is looking anyway.

Alright! All you bad influences have persuaded me, so behold: the new anildash.com/ Lots of shit is still broken, and I still have a decade and a half of archives to restore. But it should be pretty fast and look decent. Let me know what I screwed up.

Ironically I cannot get my blog to show up as a verified link on my masto profile.

@anildash looks good and stuff loads!

you are a crossword puzzle answer way more often than i’d expect

@anildash just took a brief spin around, but I LOVE IT

Congrats on the launch! 🎉💕🏆

@anildash this is now officially The One Good Site Redesign 🏆💜💜

@anildash just slap a nice “under construction” GIF on there and call it a day.

@anildash Ah! So my newsreader did find the feed automatically from the home page, but there are no *new* articles. Soon there will be, though, right? 😉

@anildash nice! I was going to ask what it’s running on but I guess from looking at the Glitch remix button it’s powered by @eleventy 😊

@anildash congratulations! were you able to perserve permalinks? How did you do it?
I've been low key trying to migrate my blog off Blosxom for a year+ and trying to keep old links working is the big sticking point. Beginning to think I should just have 1000+ redirects for each important URL

@nelson yeah! I did a lot of that heavy lifting a while ago when I moved off of movable type, just by making a mapping table. It’s a little more of a PITA with a static site but amusingly a lot of the newer platforms solve it by just publishing a static archive to both the new & old URL. I’m using Eleventy, which is kind of absurdly analogous to Bloxsom, like if you just time-shifted it by 20 years.

@anildash thanks for the info! Eleventy looks good. I decided I didn't like Hugo, my latest attempts have been with Pelican. I'm overthinking everything.

@nelson I'm a big fan of Eleventy! It's been a few years since I worked with it, but I remember enjoying it.

@nelson it’s easy to get lost in overthinking it. I literally just remixed glitch.com/edit/#!/glitch-hell (did a wget to pull in a zip file of all my blog posts, then unzipped them into /src/posts) and was off to the races. Lots of tweaking for design, etc but the basic “get these posts showing up as a blog” was literally 5 minutes.

@anildash It looks so grown up! Honestly nice. Just, you know, so different from the early days of blogs, or current day Eschaton. :)) Congrats!

Oh, do you want the @ link to go to Twitter, or maybe now Mastodon?

@acm_redfox I’ve got mastodon in the footer, but amusingly it still doesn’t show up as verified for me here.

@anildash But you realize I meant on your blog? Up where the About link is, there's also a sort of contact link "@anildash", which takes one to Twitter. Thought you might want it to link to your Mastodon stream instead?

@anildash it's "@ ANILDASH" up there, not your handle. sigh. :)

@anildash sorry, thought you meant like HTML code footer the first time. I see it there. still, which are you promoting?

@acm_redfox I’m not really promoting either I think. I just fit them in where I could.

@anildash It can take a couple of hours to register. I think the process is async.

@anildash I'm seeing it as verified over here on indieweb.social.

@rcade I'm not seeing it on your same server. maybe if I cleared my caches or whatever, but...

@acm_redfox Maybe larger instances take longer to process that kind of update. My instance has 1/30th the users of yours.

The blog is showing up as verified in your profile now.

@anildash I wish there were more means than inserting an HTML link, a lot of the other things I link off my profile don't allow HTML.

I get why other methods might be easier to fake, though.

@anildash rel=me tag looks right. there's a delay before it shows up on the profile page, check in a day?

@anildash Try to update your profile and re-save, that did it for me.

@anildash I noticed I couldn't get it to show up until I went back into my Mastodon settings and resaved the info. I didn't change anything, but the 'save' seemed to be a trigger to have the instance go out and search for the "rel".

Maybe that helps?

@anildash The link verification seems to be confirmed by and then cached at each viewer’s instance. So, each of us may have a different view.

@anildash If *you* can't get it to work, I feel a LOT better about my failure to do the same. 😀

@anildash Maybe it is missing the closing tag: </a>

Then delete the link in your profile and include it again.

@jlori @anildash Deleting and then adding the link again worked for me.

@anildash Funny story, verifying those links works exactly as halfassedly as link previews do: each instance does it by itself, maybe when you edit your profile, maybe when they feel like it, maybe never!

@jwz there are a lot of things where the inefficiencies of decentralization leak through the abstractions

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