I've been spending all of a lazy Saturday tinkering off and on with completely redoing my blog (including... making my own template for it?!) and it's still as fun as it was 20+ years ago. Feels good, man.

@anildash what are you running it on? I converted my ancient Wordpress to Squarespace a couple of years ago, but am keen to DIY again. Ghost looks good.

@aotearoa_ben @Essjax @billbennett @dialogcrm I’m just moving off of ghost, actually, to a simple site builder where I can just write my blog posts as plain markdown text files

@anildash @aotearoa_ben @Essjax @dialogcrm I considered building a static site using Jekyll or one of the other static builders, even handcrafted HTML, but went with Ghost Pro because a) I’m not a coder and b) I wanted to get it done this year… ;)

@anildash @aotearoa_ben @Essjax @dialogcrm But I love the idea of direct Markdown to HTML, it’s what I was originally looking for.

@anildash @aotearoa_ben @Essjax @dialogcrm Oh… and newsletters.

BTW. You can see the Ghost site at billbennett.co.nz and the old WordPress site is still here for the next five months or so billbennett.mystagingwebsite.c

@anildash same, working on reviving my blog. Sans WordPress this time.

@anildash Ha - oddly that's exactly what I did all day today, trying to build a Tailwind theme for Ghost from scratch. Yep... 'twas fun :)

@jenn n*pe (I’m actually fleshing out a remix of the 11ty blog starter on glitch!)

@anildash @jenn every time I think about changing to another blogging platform I just keep going back to 11ty.

@jenn I think it's coming along nicely! I need to add some more personality, but all the basics are good already. anildash-dot-com-eleventy.glit It is a pain to import... 3000+ posts

@anildash @jenn tempting ... i'm using gh*st but am by no means wedded to it.

@jdp23 @jenn I’ll make my blog remixable when it’s all set up. Exporting the posts as markdown was very easy! (Though you lose some embeds, etc if you used ghost’s rich editor.)

@anildash @jenn thanks, I may well remix that! I generally steered clear from embeds so it shouldn't be too bad.

At this point my posts are scattered across two wordpress blogs and a medium blog as well as the latest blog, so it may well be a holiday project to bring them all together in one place.

@anildash Indeed. I did this last year. Good to see others from the blogosphere back in action. One problem is that trackback/pingbacks are dead.

@nitin @anildash Kind of ironic how #ActivityPub seems to be the natural evolution of trackbacks/pingbacks (which I completely forgot about till you mentioned them!)

@anildash I spent the day redesigning my blog too. I’ve been using WordPress for 15 years and this is my 4th redesign. This is my first time trying out one of WP’s full site editing themes. docpop.org

@anildash I’m doing the same since a few days. Refreshing feels good! Hope to push to live soon, but with kids there isn’t that much time left for tinkering.
I’m using @getkirby as it’s fast, easy to use and provides a panel. Oh, and hosting is straight forward with php. Moved away from ghost a few years ago and I’m still happy with that decision.

@anildash wait! How about the World Cup? That Argentina vs Mejico, by example…

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