lol something about being on another network makes me want to act out, because my brain is saying “it doesn’t really count if you do it here” even though my network here is already *way* too large to really go wild

@anildash I've definitely been flirting with the line a bit lol

@anildash 99% of my network is furries and infosec people (with the overlap that entails) so I'm unstoppable :blobcatcomfyevil:

@Kye I was gonna say, “…but you repeat yourself.”

@anildash "We do 'out-of-town' tryouts in Mastodon, and then when the post is really polished, we launch it on Twitter."

@anildash something about this network keeps saying to me “behaaaaave yourselffff!”

@anildash Also, that's the way the network is designed.

Any interaction is a good thing as it increases ad views, so you get pushed to extremes and shown things you either love or hate. The algorithm shows you more of the stuff that will make you react. It doesn't care what that reaction is.

Eventually the only way to get noticed is to act out.

Reverse chronological is just so calming for me. I don't agree with everything I read, but it rarely makes me angry.

@anildash pretend like it’s early internet and do it. 😇

@bolderbekah @anildash "Post like the network is empty" is the new "dance like nobody's watching."

@anildash Someone I follow on the birdsite came here, shitposted for a couple of days and then got suspended (his humour requires advance warning). This stuff is much safer on the birdsite, weirdly. No-one notices.

@anildash perhaps the mania of the other night & reminders of years gone by Twitter?

@anildash Pretty sure the last place I felt that kind of personal freedom online was early LiveJournal. And that ended with the change in ownership to *checks memory bank* Russia.

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