Is there an iOS mastodon client that does a good job of showing inline media or link previews? (OEmbed and opengraph support, for the nerds)

@anildash not an iOS user myself but people seem to love Metatext

@rcarmo @anildash Yup, +1 for Metatext. It's been getting updates recently, too.

@anildash Toot! does a somewhat decent job with inline media and link previews. I’m not certain about opengraph support, though.

@anildash metatext? It shows link preview snippets and does a decent job with inline images. The mastodon iOS clients I’ve tried all have their own quirks.

@anildash I want there to be! Metatext seems to provide something in this realm, but only truncated and only after you have visited the link. 🤔 So, a post-view more than a preview? Not sure what protocol it’s actually using.

@anildash yeah, I’d like to know as well… Media display is a real problem here. It’s not playing very well with other services. Twitter spent a lot of time over the past 5 to 8 years perfecting that element.

I actually think viewing on a browser is the best way to see media easily. I’ve tried Metatext and the (admittedly lame) Mastadon app. They aren’t doing a great job except with photos.

@anildash I’d say @tootapp leads on this front. (Cross-instance lurking/engagement being its most distinctive feature IMO)

@anildash been finding Metatext to be the best overall. Link previews work well, but take a little time to render initially

@anildash Yes, it's called Mastodoniffic and it's coming soon by the fantastic people at Icon Factory. /@gedeonm

@mscottford Scott, that was a joke, but I think they are considering it. /

@anildash genuinely excited by what kind of ui interpretations for the don are in the works rn

@anildash toot and meta text but both don’t always preview it before posting

@anildash I think Tusker looks good. Its in Beta know so Testflight is needed.

@anildash I feel like Toot! does a good job of this. Here’s a screenshot of one you boosted with a link in it. It’s been the most polished app I’ve used so far.

@anildash I’m checking out an upcoming one in TestFlight that is looking quite promising. It’s good to see variety out there.

@anildash Tooot on Android has pretty good link preview. Not sure if the iOS version works the same, or how it compares to Metatext.

I wish it embed YouTube videos too like the Mastodon PWA but I guess you can't have everything

@anildash I’ve been waffling between Metatext and Toot! - neither is perfect, but they seem to be the best of the bunch in terms of media handling.

@anildash or let’s you click directly on links in the TL? Or a user’s handle to go to their profile (again, directly from the TL)? Or displays threads in a sane way?

The iOS app “Mastodon“ does none of these.

@anildash @tootapp seems to do it pretty well (disclaimer: i’ve only been using it for half a day)

@anildash Metatext does a decent job of showing image and video previews. I’m not as thrilled with Toot! as it does not seem to show video previews and does not use the iOS Dynamic Text.

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