I of course always want to be elevating the conversation about media and information ecosystems, but also I’ve been waiting for an excuse for this fit.




black button down. monochrome nikes.
goddam sexy beast.

@clive Clive the AF1s are custom, with my name on them, all platinum but the right one has a black swoosh

@anildash Everyone on this panel is bringing their sartorial A game.

@anildash OMG you and Nikole and Zeynep on one stage!? Ohhh and . . . [consults notes] the former Vice President of the Philippines? Were you all texting about your outfits the night before?

@anildash We need that first guy speaking here on Mastodon really bad :)

@nelson I wonder if this hangs up in the halls of Rent the Runway. And think about this ad!

@anildash Bold! Not many people can pull off a pastel suit but it looks good on you!

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