You know you've been meaning to set up a personal website for ages. Join us at noon EST for a brief Glitch livestream where we'll show you how to do that, in minutes — for FREE. (We'll even show you how you can use it to "verify" your fediverse presence.)

@anildash Has anyone tried setting up Mastodon on Glitch yet? Maybe with offloading to AWS/external DB it could work?

@botwiki i think there have been attempts, but honestly I’d rather see some ActivityPub integration into the kind of things that glitch does well, like a node blog. Masto is a little too demanding to be a good fit.

@anildash @botwiki oh wow, this is something I need to look at remixing when I have some time!!

@tzarfenix It looks like a few things are not working correctly after not having touched the project for some time. I just fixed user lookup, but still need to get following to work again.

Seeing all this excitement around Mastodon/fediverse is inspiring and I'll be happy to dive back into this.

@anildash i know I’m just advertising for your company by boosting this but I don’t even care, more people should use empowering tools like glitch

@glyph appreciate it. I only shared it because I really do believe everyone should do this, whether it’s on glitch or elsewhere

@anildash @glyph I am interested, but on nanny duty now, would love to watch the recording later!

@anildash There goes Anil & Glitch - solving the problem I did not know I had! 👏👏

@anildash Thanks for this! It inspired me to switch from LinkTree. Didn't take long at all to set up something way better.

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