About 1/4 of all the accounts I follow on Twitter are now over here, and a lot of the ones that aren't here are official/corporate accounts (who cares) or inactive accounts. Already starting to feel like the fun, goofy, creative stuff I come online to see is largely here.

@anildash yeah but what do Pepsi, Wendy’s, All-Spice, and VPNShield say on the matter?

@anildash The breadth of Mastodon uptake this time is quite amazing - feels very different from previous migrations. Lots of the accounts I follow are already over here, too…it feels much more significant…

@anildash It feels like it hit a critical mass over the weekend of people moving to the point that Twitter is kind of devoid of interesting things (even goofy stuff) and is just pure drama. It's nice here.

@serpentroots @anildash Noticed that too - wondered if it’s people moving or they’ve messed up something in the timeline selection…

@petrovg @serpentroots @anildash either way, it's a deep sigh of relief here. I won't look back.

@serpentroots @anildash It’s weird to be in a place where people don’t intentionally aggravate each other.

@serpentroots @anildash i wouldn't say this is fully true for me yet, but i can say there's enough activity here from enough people whom I follow that it's getting noticeably more interesting here

@anildash I reckon it's getting better every day. So much more peaceful, as well. Hope it stays that way.

@anildash I like the change of pace here. Rather than looking at people broadcasting and being loud because of algorithm, we see people leaving meaningful replies and boosts here.

@anildash ~33% of mine are here, up from 10% about 10 days ago. Wild!

@lkarlslund @anildash Mine went from 10% to 14% over the same time. Interesting to see different patterns of take up.

@bcantrill @anildash was about 20% of mine as of Saturday, and yeah, at a guess it's a majority of the actually active humans I follow

@anildash just listened to your chat with John Gruber on his pod. It's fantastic.

I didn't even follow u on birdsite, I found u here. 😁

@anildash It's similar to what already happened to when we opened accounts: our blogosphere communities moved to TW, and so did the conversation (which we previously had in the comments). Now something similar is happening here.

@anildash i've got about 20% it seems. i've picked up another 1% or so every day via debirdify for the last week but that trailed off a bit this morning.

@anildash I’m still trying to build out my follow list so I can try to get my dopamine hit. It’s not quite the same here.

@anildash agreed, the only thing I’m missing right now is the official accounts of news agencies since I used Twitter like a newspaper, but I suppose I could just read a newspaper

@anildash all to the good, but then discoverability (beyond pre-existing follows) becomes the real challenge. Finding the good stuff you mention (as well as listening in on smart thoughtful conversations) seems hard at the moment.

@anildash @jallepap that’s what hashtags and the other feeds are for!

they let you park your moto in the living room here too

@anildash that's awesome! keep hoping it'll all even out.

@anildash only Screen Time will tell the truth, but it’s getting there!

@anildash very similar experience for me. & it’s been fun finding new voices to listen to.

@anildash It’s getting there. Trick will be to see if people stick or not. If Twitter goes south I should think they will.

@anildash I'm missing almost all the journos I followed. And most of the ones that did migrate here went to which is on its way to complete #fediblock (due to terrible moderation)☹️

@jeromio @anildash

That isn’t true. We are certainly learning a lot. But the blocking is limited to a tiny percentage of servers.

Also, I’d love you to see Parker’s more recent statements, which make clear she was temporarily suspended for repeatedly insulting one of our mods, who also happens to be trans.

Lots of misinfo about this entire incident here. I am trying to address.


@adamdavidson @jeromio @anildash

So to be clear, is posting transphobic trash like Pesca's NYT article against your server's terms? His two week suspension seems be be about his interaction with Parker and not the underlying transphobia of what he posted.

If those kinds of articles from "journalists" are welcome in the server, defederation is the right call. You can't both-sides human rights.

@jeromio @anildash check Lots of journalists there as well, and some migrated from to

@anildash Exactly two of the visual artists I follow are now over here. Apart from that, it seems like at least half the accounts I care about have at least created a Mastodon account. But so many visual artists I follow have explicitly said "I don't think Mastodon can do for me what Twitter has done." And I'm not sure I agree but I definitely understand why they're hesitant.

@anildash ok yay, so did all those weird fun Prince fans follow you over here, too? i’m still trying to figure this all out, but glad i found ya again :)

@anildash but most important: when do the Batdance toots begin?

@anildash it's so funny to find myself following persons I unfollowed almost a decade ago

Like you for instance! No idea why I did, perhaps Twitter did it for me (unlikely though).
Anyway, yes indeed

@anildash For me it was about 10% but I suspect a lot of the accounts I follow on the birdsite are no longer active

@anildash I've laughed out loud here 3x in the past 10 minutes which hasn't happened at Twitter in... a while. It feels good.

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