Okay, this was a fun one. I guested on John Gruber’s The Talk Show. Had a lot of fun being half-serious, half-absurd about Twitter, but also ranged over a ton of other topics. Please do check it out!

@cote thanks! Feedback welcome, since I don’t do that kinda stuff very often.

@anildash It was a very enjoyable episode. Thanks for mentioning Mastodon there a couple of times. I had the feeling John didn’t want to talk about it at all 🤫

@rene I don’t think it was any agenda so much as it just hasn’t caught his interest yet

@anildash it was good… you’re a good storyteller for the open web… glad you’re engaging in the tootertootverse.

@anildash one of the sad things about the death of twitter is having to rebuild the communities.

@anildash One of the originators of the glass cliff theory has an account on here, but she doesn’t seem to be using it yet.

@waltgrayson LOL I knew about five people would appreciate that, and you’d be one!

@anildash you talk in many ways with the same cadence, intensity as my friend Mat Honan. I know you’re also friends. Thinking …the two of you, tight in a conversation *could* mistakenly be observed as a cocaine situation.

@anildash great conversation. I listen to a few of the #apple podcasts and the hosts are clearly in their own slack bubble about mastodon and fediverse. Thanks for breaking through that.

@anildash Dan was playing this conversation in another room today while Miles was in his crate for quiet time. Miles began crying and whining incessantly. I think it’s because he thought you two were *inside the house* and he wanted to meet you so badly.

@kathrynyu awww, I thought it was because talking about Elon Musk makes anyone cry

@anildash Best Talk Show episode I’ve listened to in a long time. Such an insightful guest at such an opportune time. Highly recommended listening 👌

@anildash enjoyed it a lot (and I rarely listen to podcasts) Do wish y’all could have spent more time on non-bird-site-specific topics, but I also get that the gravity of the black hole is irresistible

@shovemedia yeah I was a little less tired of the topic when we recorded it, but it’s definitely burnt out now

@anildash Definitely gonna check this out. Always appreciate hearing your thoughts.

@anildash that discussion about capital rewriting the narrative about its role is 🔥 a way under discussed/appreciated point...

@anildash really really enjoyed this episode! I subscribe to the podcast so hear all the episodes, but really loved how conversational / back-and-forth this episode was! Was great listen, and great to hear everything contextualised in the wider industry! Will look forward to your next guest appearance!

@anildash the #motorcyle analogy at the end spoke to me in particular as someone who rides! 😁

@sam glad that resonated, because it’s not my own experience but it just seems like such a visceral experience

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