When it came time to reckon with social media’s failings, nobody ran to the “web3” platforms. Nobody asked “can I get paid per message”? Nobody asked about the blockchain. The community of people who’ve been quietly doing this work for years (decades!) ended up being the ones who welcomed everyone over, as always.

@anildash Honestly, that's about the most damning indictment of web3 that I could imagine. If it was everything that its proponents claimed, now would truly be its time to shine.

@cgranade @anildash imagine people rushing to exchanges to get tokens to set up handles and then managing wallets, etc... It would have been a scam plagued shitstorm.

@Natanael_L @cgranade @anildash As Mastodon gains in popularity, it will become the target of scams. Enjoy this time, it won't last long.

Mastodon can't be "Scammed" in the usual metric because the service is Federated. It's an annoyance because then you need to choose your federation, but it's also a strength, as long as a server is up Mastodon will be there
@Natanael_L @cgranade @anildash

@SolarAquarion I love decentralization. However, email is federated and this has not prevented email scams.

It's much harder to "defederate" from scammy email servers, compared to Mastodon.

@Natanael_L @cgranade @anildash In a crisis of banking confidence, no one goes to the same-day loan office.

@anildash so glad I haven't seen the phrase DAO since coming over here

@alex @anildash

That sort of talk would be grounds for blocking an entire instance

@alex @anildash i believe your instance maintainer actually can wildcard a federation blocklist, or if they can't that's a nice PR to make in the next version of the mastodon code

@alex @trochee @anildash

The menu on the bottom-right of a toot has a "block domain ..." option at the bottom.

(Aside: reporting a bad actor is a lot more likely to work here, so please do that.)

@alex @anildash *monkey paw curls a finger* now get ready for: MastoDAOn

@igor @alex @anildash Igor, once I figure out who to report you to for this…

Folks, I need an old rabbi and a young priest.

@alex @anildash I have seen hexagonal profile pictures but I'm giving the benefit of the doubt and assuming that's some kind of satire, along with blue check marks.

@BalooUriza if I could get a Recursion Prime emoji I might put it in my name.

@n8chz @alex @anildash

Sarcastic, over the top humor 

@alex Thanks for breaking my streak of not seeing that. And for that, you just lost The Game!


@kishau they only revealed what they were really about all along

@kishau @anildash
That's putting a lot of assumption into there really being such a practical application as a "web3 platform" in the first place 😆

@ToddVierling @kishau @anildash right? There never was a platform. It was just complicated ways of, "give me all your money."

@anildash web3 has to be the fakest jargon ever rolled out by VCs trying to get people excited for their crappy investments lol

@anildash What I find especially encouraging is that you don't have to be suspicious of the motives of anyone promoting Mastodon (or the fediverse more generally), there isn't some scammy token to pump and dump. It's refreshing.

.@PeterR @anildash What I find especially encouraging is that you don't have to be suspicious of the motives of anyone promoting Mastodon (or the fediverse more generally), there isn't some scammy token to pump and dump. It's refreshing.

Yet ... 😅

@PeterR @anildash folks, if you didn't know about the mastodon pump and dump, you weren't here for the wound cube

@PeterR @anildash this right here is I think why I've been able to so quickly feel like this can be my new online home.

There's no tokens, no adverts, no investors expecting a return. I'm paying monthly for my server and I can feel really good about doing so.

meta, fediverse utopianism checked 

@PeterR @anildash

absolutely there are NFT web3 coinbros on the fediverse

just like there's all sorts of other awful stuff

from this account I don't, and maybe on your instances you don't, tend to see them

but if you go looking for them you don't even need to sign up on one of their instances ... loose federation helps keep them at a distance, but it also can be a bit leaky

you can find them through the open-registration, lightly moderated, big instances, usually

I mean, just look at some of the entities that have sponsored Eugen's efforts

meta, fediverse utopianism checked 

@simon @anildash @idlestate I have no doubt that there are crypto servers out there. But the fediverse itself doesn't run on a blockchain and so there are none of the awful incentives that accompany "web3" projects. And it's telling that those people aren't opting to use a blockchain-based product rather than Mastodon.

@PeterR @anildash Maybe there should be though? As a way to fund the whole thing?!

@martinweigert @PeterR @anildash what "whole thing"? Check and see if your local instance takes donations or sells merch or has a patreon

@lmorchard @PeterR @anildash That works at the current scale. But less likely at 50 million or 100 million users. If Mastodon ever should get there.

@martinweigert @PeterR @anildash The scaling model is to divide all those users up by local instances, and you help fund for those

@martinweigert @PeterR @anildash The idea is there isn't one big "Mastodon" - it's software used by many people to build a network between many people.

Each node in the network is self-funded, in one way or another. Whether out of pocket from the sysop and/or contributions from the users.

If the network of nodes reaches 100 million user scale, it'll be because this worked. Or it won't. It's not a VC-funded growth-at-all-cost company

> The idea is there isn't one big "Mastodon" - it's software used by many people to build a network

It's not even the only piece of software used in the fediverse. There's a whole bunch of others, some of them micro-posting services like Mastodon (Pleroma, Misskey), others federating totally different kinds of social media over the same network*, photoblogging (PixelFed), videos (PeerTube), forums (Lemmy), and more.

@martinweigert @PeterR @anildash

@strypey @lmorchard @martinweigert @PeterR @anildash I need to ask this now once, though it will make me look like a completely ignorant person - is diaspora part of the fediverse, technically, I mean? Can you link it so your post sent in diaspora reach the fediverse, and is it possible to read post from instances running mastadon in diaspora? I get the impression this is not possible, is that right?

Good question. Diaspora only federates over its own protocol. Mastodon only federates over the ActivityPub protocol. So we can't communicate directly with Diaspora users from Mastodon or vice-versa. But because there are fedi apps that speak both protocols (Friendica, Hubzilla, SocialHome), we do count Diaspora as part of the family. In a hermit uncle hiding in the woods eating squirrels kind of way ;)

@lmorchard @martinweigert @PeterR @anildash

@strypey @lmorchard @martinweigert @PeterR @anildash Thanks for this clarification. So it seems to get diaspora linked to the fediverse, some effort is needed... I like your analogy!

@martinweigert @PeterR @anildash the problem with funding things with bubbles is that they burst

@anildash javascript [traps], which implies low accessibility. companies, like wordpress, are moving toward hypermedia-orientation. nobody asks about accessibility either, and yet over 90% of the web is inaccessible. what "people" don't ask for shouldn't be a measure of what is valuable [if] we must assume [metaknowledge] exists.

there's a lot of work to be done but even more obscurity to clear away.


@anildash too many "apps" and "websites" are imposing javascript on us all, and that isn't fair. it's making us all unfree. we should stop assuming so easily that we must live in a javascript-centric world[0]. the traps are making us less free, and they're an ecological trap[1], too.

[0]: "Consider techniques that utilize static HTML and CSS, rather than runtime client JavaScript compute."

@anildash the lack of algos and ranking is a breadth of fresh air

@anildash that we haven’t seen a web3 company waiting in the wings with a Twitter alternative this past week speaks volumes about its inability / lack of desire to do social media right.

@MikeRiverso @anildash well it makes a lot of sense really. Elon is the king of the toxic crypto bros otherwise he wouldn't have been proposing a pay to tweet model to his brother. There wouldn't be a "web3" alternative because they found comfort grifting their ICO and NFT scams on Twitter

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