People are really not realizing how fucking terrible the Musk era of Twitter is going to be. They see it as some amusing novelty, when it’s actually going to reveal how many places Twitter was actually making *good* choices — because those will end.

@anildash considering the way how Musk has been acting on Twitter for the past few years

Twitter really is going to be a rollercoaster from now on, if they give him too much power in terms of steering the product.

@anildash Having had to leave Twitter for mental health reasons before the Musk news, I think the "sometimes made good choices" era ended when Jack left. We didn't know how good we had it then.

@anildash Yeah, I don't think people realize how quickly Twitter will replace GAB. It will be unfettered Q theories/Alt-right and mass reporting of anyone that opposes them.

@anildash That's the whole reason I reactivated my Mastodon account.

@anildash I am realizing that a number of accounts really think they have more control than they actually do...

if you were a BIPoC account and female on top, you were exposed to just how vile Twitter could be... and there was no one who could help, because twitter decided that that type of violence was okay.

now other accounts are going to learn just how vile twitter can be...

i don't hang out with crap people in RL, why would i want to do so online.

@ernie the horrible burden of having done this for so long that the patterns become clear

@anildash I hope it sets a strong example so people can point at and say "you see this? this is why we don't like proprietary and centralised software"

@anildash its wild how this pattern keeps repeating in different areas of life. Its a peculiarly American kind of cutting off one's nose to insist on treating everything as a demand for entertainment, even at the cost of wellbeing.

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