Is there a tricked-out version of Ghost that lets you have a blog with all the indieweb stuff without having to do days of setup? I would pay good money for that.

@anildash theres a thread with the founder of ghost here where they talk about being totally on board with implementing #activitypub into ghost if there were someone down to work on it. not really an answer to your question but tangentially so.

@jalcine @anildash not at all. Imagine being able to link and hashtag things within a post and have the humans on the other side be instantly notified. It enables many of the things Medium is trying to so but with out the centralized nature or capitalistic pressures.

@wakest @anildash

This could be achieved with WebMentions though. For example, this is a post that's pulling in mentions (replies and likes) from Twitter and other self-hosted IndieWeb sites. All done with WebMentions - a lighter specification for all of this stuff.

@jalcine @anildash webmention doesn’t have a whole vocabulary of different social actions that can be achieved like through ActivityStreams as far as I understand

@wakest @anildash @jalcine

webmention doesn't have any vocabulary itself, but there is a whole host of microformats that can be sent over webmentions.

You can see the most widely used one here:

@0x1C3B00DA @anildash @jalcine would love to see someone like @aaronpk describe the difference between the two and the Inherent downsides present in each vocabulary/protocol/method

@wakest @anildash

Everything here is a form of an action (be it a post or a reply to a post) that you can take. The vocabulary is up to the user to define (making it purely indie and less centralized in definition).

@jalcine @wakest @anildash I'm excited about AP for blogs though because you'd have instant interop with AP social networks

@darius @jalcine @wakest @anildash well, kinda. I'd prefer the feed+websub+webmention model to everything having to be activity streams shaped

@anildash not sure about Ghost, but if you're willing to Wordpress, there's an IndieWeb plugin that was super helpful for me.

@mxuribe @pixelpaperyarn yeah I know it. It’s not really mature enough for bigger blogs, imo. Good tool, though.

@mxuribe @pixelpaperyarn @anildash Known is still under active development in the IndieWeb Community. In fact I just put in a 1.4 million dollar federal grant to bring #IndieWeb to k12 using Known (fingers crossed)

@anildash the next round of SBIR IES (Institute of Educational Science) probably in October-December.... Maybe a Glitch/IndieWeb app for FogCreek???

Reaaly the Team should look at SBIR to support recent education efforts at Glitch

@jgmac1106 @anildash @pixelpaperyarn There you go; users have an option to use Known, cool! And, the part about use in k12 sounds cool indeed too! Cheers!

@mxuribe @anildash @pixelpaperyarn Yeah I am sticking with WordPress for my audience finds web but beyond the SSGs, Ruby, there is also great Drupal solutions. is the most turnkey commercial solution currently available.

@anildash If you can't find it easily, that seems like exactly the kind of thing you might want to be be tasking an FTE with to set up as a Glitch example, maybe?

@obra Yeah, i hope to at some point. We’re just understaffed for that right now. (Nature of bootstrapping, I suppose.)

@anildash Totally legit. I wonder if there's something to be done in terms of paying bounties for examples or contracting authors to port/deploy their stuff. (Though I will refer back to your earlier statement of "bootstrapping".)

@anildash wow how have i never ever come across IndieWeb before especially with all the research i’ve been doing lately ?!?

@d @anildash i dunno yet! their wiki is confusingly mostly articles that don’t address anything as a whole so i’m trying to figure it out

@amyhoy @d @anildash working on the UX of "wiki first timers" is a major goal in 2018-2019.

Love to capture your thoughts of what you were looking for and how it could not be found.

@jgmac1106 1. what is it? the wiki doesn't say. 2. what are the parts? the wiki doesn't say. 3. what are the specs? same…

i hit the site and it's all theory and principles, like "You are better connected", which tells me nothing about how anything works (if at all). it just looks like a wish, from the perspective of a first-time person.

@jgmac1106 the idea of having to read/watch/listen to 5 things to even figure out what it is is exhausting…

from the convo i jumped in on, i thought there was a spec. the only way i found out about any of the spec was digging into the toot thread and then googling WebMentions.

@jgmac1106 this is something I'm supremely interested in [1] and i'm both a designer and developer and yet even the Wikipedia page has nothing to grab onto


@amyhoy What research? It's my area as well. Especially on the #credweb.

Can't know how truth is shaped online until you shaper your own.

Working on next project called #CheckOutMyDomain where library patrons can checkout a domain and get a few gigs storage each year.

Going to apply for a Spencer Small Research Grant for that.

@jgmac1106 i'm researching the history of the social web for a series of articles. as a designer who lived thru Web 2.0, i'm interested in what we lost & what we can re-create.

read your proposal, very interesting. don't forget disabled people when you design the requirements tho… getting to events is not easy

@amyhoy you should stop by the IndieWeb chat then, many folks around since the beginning and can tell the entire story. Interesting history around blogging before the rise of silos from folks who built the tools

@amyhoy Given your focus and research, perhaps this is the best page for you to start with in regard to the IndieWeb?
Perhaps even more apropos on this thread as the chart was created in response to an @anildash post.

There are also some history specific pages like which may be useful to you.

If you have questions, I and others are happy to help!

// @jgmac1106

@anildash not to my knowledge but tbh outside of markup, the only other thing I could think of would be the act of backfilling of WebMentions to the blog (that'd require some dynamic chatting)

@jalcine that’s it for the blog, but I’d want the site to handle auth and webmention sending and ideally syndicating my posts through ActivityPub.

@maloki @write_as yeah, it looks cool, but I prefer to use an open source blogging tool.

@anildash that's a legit reason. I hope they get around to prioritizing cleaning up and releasing the code as promised. @write_as

@anildash @maloki Yep, part of that process will be making self-hosting super easy from day one: install a single binary and you're set.

I've been talking with some people from the Mozilla community about help with refactoring, documentation, etc., and getting the ActivityPub side solid with So I'm actively working toward it right now, especially after feedback from the other week :)

@anildash Just a heads up that we're open source now:

Installation isn't as quick and painless as we want yet, but that's the main goal for v1.0. Aiming to have that released by the end of the year.


@write_as Wohooo!! :D I'm so happy you managed to prepare the code for release <3

@KevinMarks yeah, I’ve played with it off & on but it doesn’t quite feel right fit what I’d like to do.

@anildash Ghost has rejected indieweb PRs in the past.
What are you wanting to do? More longform?

@anildash Hugo is powerful if you want a mostly static, longform post style blog.

@KevinMarks yeah I liked Hugo a lot but Go was a little over my head so I didn’t feel confident futzing with it. Am biased toward Node these days because Glitch favors it. But maybe I’ll look again.

@anildash @KevinMarks +1 to Hugo. I feel like the early just-wanna-blog ghost users ended up migrating there (or some form of static site generator). I did too recently after having to futz with ghost updates for the umpteenth time 🤷🏻‍♂️

@anildash hmm.. there’s this company, 8 Days a Week, or something, that makes a blog product called “immutable type” — would that work? (The rise of indieweb breeds new blog innovations, sounds like a great techcrunch headline for 2019)

@anildash decent Ruby solutions. Https:// @schmarty & I keep brainstorming all the ways we could get #IndieWeb building blocks on Glitch to walk folks through setting up variety of CMS or spin up their own.

many homebrew solutions I love like but don't have skill set.

I have built sites in Glitch with proper mf2 but need to add webmentions.

Want to use existing storage tutorials and get webmention app ready to deploy.

Come to IndieWebCamp NYC and help

@anildash Did you ever get Ghost + "indieweb stuff" figured out? I'd love something like this as well.

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