Hi, if you’re on Mastodon, you should almost certainly be on Glitch. We want you making cool indie web shit. It’s $free.99 at and that’s my content for the day!

@anildash thx for the reminder! I made an account on Glitch and have let languish: (

@anildash I'll second and third this. is AWESOME. Nothing like spinning up a full fledged domain running node with the click of button.

I used it to teach #HTML and #WebVR (via AFrame) to some high school kids.

Not having to worry about how to "post" things (hey, I can walk over to another machine and run my demo) or host media is GAME CHANGING for learning to code.

@blair @anildash
And you don’t need an account, which is important when I teach 8yr olds at the library. They don’t have email addresses!

@joshmarinacci @blair yep, that is very intentional. We think about that use case a lot.

@anildash @blair It made a huge difference. Thank you. Now if you could just make control-P do up arrow instead of jumping to the search, that would be awesome. :)

@anildash What we need now is the Glitch-i-verse ... a full VR enabled metaverse, running inside glitch sites ...

@anildash put me on the "keep informed, may want to help!" list. I'm going to be at some mix of Mozilla and the academy for the foreseeable future, and I'm really interested in rapid and flexible deployment, teaching people to build things, distance ed, K12 ed, and so on.

I'm going to be teaching an AR/VR/3D UI class using the web at Georgia Tech next year; planning ot use glitch (obviously), but even better infrastructure will be great!

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