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Ashley Noel Hinton @[email protected]

I have come to depend very much on both of my eyes

I am going to accomplish this thing

today is Smashing Pumpkins Bootleg Day courtesy is the wonderful Internet Archive

in my heart I am still cool (on Mastodon)

I did the grown up thing and blew my nose

I'm pretty close to sneezing but please, no pressure

I thought I was really into this one art thingy but then later on I wasn't

if I lose my voice I want my last toot to read, "hey, man, there's a beverage here"

I'm watching someone dismantle a tree from the inside

Though you may read many sutras and speak about them to others, what good will they do you if you do not act upon them?

where do you get your toots from?

what's with these die-hard winter ants who don't care for delicious poison?

if anyone is looking for invitations I have many. just ask .io