@Mitaj and I see unkindness creeping in too. what's really happening is that mastodon is gaining a wider audience.

@dredmorbius interesting proposition, what is the reasoning behind suggesting sound quality and latency are a. degrading compared to pots, and b. responsible for the shift to a different medium?

While a language filter might be convenient for people who only speak a certain language, imagine a mastodon doing translation on the fly - that would bring different views together. Ooh, hang on mastodon isn't centrally controlled. I don't need to ask, I need to do.

@DSinapellido @DrNotThatEvil It really helps beginners to have a well planned checklist to follow, even if to an expert it seems quite inflexible. Once they get experience they can start to optimize for their context. If not gitflow, then pick a way of working with lots of helpful articles, and stick with it at first.

@davidthompson great thing is they're all super-lightweight sub 5mb right now, so try them all!

Hmm... Mastodon. Wonder where this will go. 🐘


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