I’m nearing 80K fans already here. I’m feeling the love, and not regretting spending some of my time here. Folks seem very nice, very supportive.

I wonder if I can hit 100K by my third day here. That would be something. Follow along to be part of this new adventure!

I’m attending a data vendor’s conference today and don’t know if I should proud or smug that I’m seeing so much it’s nice that the world is catching up to what the community has known for years - Python rocks!

Mike Pence is an example of toxic Christianity. We should have freedom of religion, yes, but we must also ensure freedom *from* religion. Your religious freedoms don’t give you the right to deny freedoms or civic participation to others. Period.

And the performance of the vendor's classroom resources got so bad that I span up my own instance on <cloud service> and ran their code against my own infrastructure. I'm thinking they could have emailed a link to their Github repo and i could have followed along at my leisure. Of course in that case I would have missed out on the catering.

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Staged series 3 is happening and I for one welcome the return of our Welsh and Scottish overlords and their English and Swedish overladies.

The not-surprise of the day - in an extremely online technology training session with about 150 people I gave up on the wifi after about 3 minutes and have been hot spotting on my phone ever since.


Jos Buttler on fire here. If he makes it to the 10th over England have this.

All of the England bowlers were great but Sam Curran and Adil Rashid were superb. Fingers, toes and everything crossed for England’s innings.

Crypto cricket 

Also good to see that the groundstaff have painted out the logo of the failed crypto Ponzi scheme at the MCG

Politics UK Cricket 

A spectator at the MCG has an “I love Rishi Sunak” poster. I don’t even.

It’s not often that you get a wicket maiden in a t20 game. Great work from Adil Rashid there.

Going to try a thing: white guys, please boost!!

Comment here if you're: queer and/or BIPOC and you are interested in talking about #TTRPGs #GameDesign #LARP or #games #art so we can create some discoverability for marginalized folks trying to find community with each other

I'll start! I'm a queer trans nb person who designs and publishes tabletop games and LARPs about gender and queerness. My jam lately has been happy games about queer people finding love and community

#introduction #lgbtq

I just heard that people are now calling Twitter $8chan and I'm ded, so ded, forever ded, and 100% doing this from now on.

These boats are mad - livesaildie.com/the-ultim-32-2 - 32 metre trimarans that foil. There are 8 of them taking part in the Route de Rhum, definitely a race to keep an eye on

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