PSA: keep your lactose intolerant friends in your thoughts this weekend.

We… err… they… made some terrible decisions yesterday πŸ™‚. But damn that was a good dinner!


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@JohnRossJr Nevermind... you can still get into your old account and export the list of those you follow to import into the new account.

@JohnRossJr looks like I should have copied the list of my followers first… it updates your followers, but not who you follow.

@JohnRossJr yes… very. You first go to the target account and setup an alias (account you’re moving FROM). Then go to the old account and move TO. Looks like you have to re-follow everyone, but your followers are automatically updated… it seems since you saw this :)

@JohnRossJr The one I picked... there was no logic behind it. I wanted something that was more generic & wouldn't create questions as to "why did you pick that one". This server is big, has been around for a few years, and the handle is more obvious.