oh yeah, those of you who tumblr. follow me over at alternateevolutions.tumblr.com i reblog mostly kpop stuff, but i'm also a mess over on there too. SYNERGY. or something.

and for alll those who want it, here's my spotify k-pop playlist. Warning. It's 300+ tracks at this point. IT'S NOT MY FAULT THERE'S SO MANY BOPS. :ablobowo: open.spotify.com/user/doubledm

Yeah, so “Go for it, Nakamura!” Was a lot of fun. I wish it had a better conclusion but it was definitely a change of pace from basically ending in smut the whole time like most others (I’m guessing the other Yaoi manga I have turning up basically end like that 😂). It also means I need to rearrange this shelf again ASAP hahaha

Time to put the K-Pop playlist on repeat and read manga.

K-Pop addict, gamer, all around nerd. Gaaaaaaaay AF. 😂

oh hey mastodon. Time to give this a shot. 🙌


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