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You have to pace yourself eating Thanksgiving leftovers... Otherwise, you have to quit cold turkey!



Thanks for allowing my posts into your home stream.

Be safe.



Looks like early days for you on one of Mastodon's communites.

It's a coordination of friendly people, as far as I have seen.

Hope you enjoy your experience here.

Ask questions.
Share honestly.
Have fun.
Be safe.

I love the impact (on me) of "random" boosts by those who I currently follow as they identify someone else I should follow.

@Support - thanks for making boosts so powerful.

Ain't community grand?

Hello, I'm new here. Here's an illustration of a dragon I did recently.

"The results are usually more interesting if I continually revisit a recording to add new bits to it."

It is very much like writing. There's more to say, just not at this moment.


My follow was by way of recommendations of @funbreaker and a boost from @viciousviscosity

Steps across the fediverse, small or large seem downright tiny for the amount of work needed to make a connection.

This is "the web" many of us imagine.


Are you wandering the instances?

I'm semi-settled, myself, straddling .cloud and .art.

Feeling oddly of split personality.

METABOOST: @selfcare
Consider unfollowing that person that always leaves you feeling worse about things.

/* If I'm that person for you, I won't be upset if you unfollow me. */

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excited to extract another chunk of my soul and cast it into the abyss of another fledgling social platform 🕳 ☑️

Wicked Wonderful Wordies which get posted on Sundays are also accumulated into pdf pages (with a separate answer key). Each page has 12 of the idiom puzzles on it.

Might be fun for sharing with the family on Thanksgiving?

The most recent (set 19) and the previous 18 sets are available here: