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Do you think Mastodon is mature enough to ask for a KDE instance at kde.org? It would be really cool to have the posts by KDE contributors in local timeline, not necessarily about Open Source.
einar said we should wait at least one year and see what happen with Mastodon. What do you think? Personally I want a KDE instance now!

@eang come va mastodonti.co? Sto pensando di cambiare istanza perché la timeline pubblica su mastodon.cloud è totalmente in giapponese. E oggi è sovraccarico, non riesco mai a postare al primo colpo.

New features to be included faster in Firefox

(extract from sechat.org/posts/2338602)

Firefox had 5 different versions until now: Nightly, Aurora, where the features are integrated in 6-8 weeks, Firefox Beta and then Firefox. And there is also Firefox Extend Release Support for companies.

Numbers showed us that we could removed the Aurora version if the tests are improved in Nightly: release.mozilla.org/firefox/re


@alexl "It was very frustrating for us to essentially feel blocked from contributing - design or code - in the existing free desktop communities. It was weird when it became more productive to collaborate with KDE than with the core GNOME maintainers." — Mark Shuttleworth


Do you like ?

Probably you would love too, it's decentralized like Mastodon but it's a replacement for instant messaging apps (like etc), chat rooms (like etc) and VoIP (like etc).

Matrix basically is a protocol, like e-mails, and it's explained at matrix.org, read the FAQs, are really interesting).

Apps can implement Matrix, the best client is (riot.im), available for Web and mobile.

50 followers on , wow, thanks 💙. It took ages to get the same number in Google+ 😮

This is what would help:

#debian announcing a #mastodon package to make install new instance server easier ! <3 debian <3 mastodon

"Let's play a game, to help some of the newcomers make connections: name at least 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags, so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."


@ilpianista I just found out you're closer than I thought, when you're in Lecce we could meet us 😃

@CloudSocial Hi, your instance is awesome but in the local timeline I can only see posts in Japanese that I can't understand and a fake account of Donald Trump.
I fear your efforts to ship an awesome experience are compromised by this, and I'm thinking to change instance.
I would really like if each instance choose a language as reference, but I fear it's too late for mastodon.cloud...

99% posts in Japanese and 1% post by a Trump fake account. I thinking to change instance to take advantage of local timeline... (I'm on mastodon.cloud)

One of the best comments​ on my article "10 reasons why Ubuntu should use KDE Plasma instead of GNOME"

"[GNOME] works under the influence of some strange substance." LOL.


So I have a Patreon page now: patreon.com/cwebber

Will write more soon about why I'm asking for your help, but I've been working on ActivityPub, MediaGoblin, etc full time for the last number of years, trying to make federated networks and decentralized systems happen. It's really hard to fund this stuff, but I think it's too important not to do. If you think so too, consider supporting. Thanks! I appreciate all the help I can get. <3

@alexl That is why we should have a @kde.org instance...

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