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So I am migrating from here to

I don't know what has been happening, but the random downtime and the current issue with my home timeline not refreshing does not make for a good user experience. So, if you still want to follow me I will be

See you there :)

"The cyclists proved to have reflexes, memories, balance and metabolic profiles that more closely resembled those of 30-year-olds than of the sedentary older group."

I see that in my daily life. I know I don't want to be like that at all.

By most estimates, only about 10 percent of people past the age of 65 work out regularly.

Starting to run again after a break is always hard. Even more so when it's below freezing, and dark, and I'm tired, and I just don't want to...but I did 3 miles anyway.

I forgot how gross licking envelopes closed is. Then doing a hundred of them on top of it. Disgusting.

Just watched the cryptocurrency episode of Last Week Tonight. Makes me wonder about where technology is heading and how so many ppl will be left behind.

“The Mastodon Spring Creator’s Release” - “The Mastodon Spring Creator’s Release” @gargron

Probably one of the biggest takeaways from the article is this:

“We are transitioning from a society that experienced truth based on facts to a society based on its experience of truth in intimacy, in emotion, in closeness."

Dems Team Up with GOP to Weaken Bank Rules, Which Critics Say May Lead to More Bailouts & Misconduct.

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@lain So you are saying if I rip a tile out of the starbucks bathroom's wall, I can hide a PI in there and host off their wifi

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Yeah and my democratic senator is one of the co-sponsors. Apparently he has a short memory and hates his constituents.

Elizabeth Warren says Democratic votes for Wall Street this week are a “stab in the heart”

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The problem with things is that when people like what you do they move on with their lives, while if they don't, they make it their goal to waste as much of your time as possible.

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Consider: how much in your life that cannot be selfied. Consider: the fleeting joy of a single plum blossom after a hard frost. Consider: you cannot own ephemera. #smallstories

Sidenote: it funny when my phone is plugged in all night to charge, but it doesn't actually charge b/c the cord isn't actually plugged into the wall. 🤦‍♂️