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I love when tech decides to run slow or not at all. Soaks up my allotted time without getting anywhere. Sigh...

Supreme Court Won't Hear Challenge To California's Gun Laws

Anyone know of an open source app similar to Instagram? Just curious b/c Instagram can go screw themselves.

I'm so glad some WH staff got a break from all their stupidity b/c some school children were murdered. Horrible, horrible people in charge of my country

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Hey nerds I worked pretty hard on this,

and I'm trying to help get more people on the platform. Maybe y'all want to read it? I am extremely vain but I think you'll agree with the premise.

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Many of the people using Slack for political organizing and activism are not fully aware of how Slack falls short in serving their security needs. Here are some things to consider.

Seeing that a lot of people are verifying themselves on Twitter for keybase. Makes me wonder who/what got them to go through with it and check out keybase. I like using it myself and am just curious.

After screwing around for a few hours without luck I now have a possible solution to using my iPod classic 6g on Linux. Will be checking out RockBox tomorrow and hopefully will solve my problem :)

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Stream the "Complete" John Coltrane Playlist: A 94-Hour Journey Through 700+ Transformative Tracks

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This is awesome !!!

You can even search playlists of everything, like podcasts and stuff 😍 So in love

Nothing quite like being a zombie in the middle of the night bottle feeding a baby.

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#mastalab has finally implemented a proxy in which my Orbot can safely link up with instead of turning on my VPN and then just hoping that it would work. Now I have my :birdsite: app , my diaspora / dandelion app, and now my mastodon all being proxied through Tor :D

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I have to remind myself why I get up hours before daybreak and go out and run in 17f weather.

I'm insane.

I just published “Reading the New Testament Letters as, well, Letters”

This has been a long time coming for Portugal. Have been a good national side for a while, but just couldn't pull it off until now. Happy that another side besides Spain winning tournaments!