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Contract for the Web is out Looks interesting indeed.

Having said that seeing Facebook, Google and Twitter at the top of the sponsors list I think is problematic, and no Apple oddly…

Web Clerks Part one - Specific time stamp to the Talk Rage Against the Content Machine by @mxbck - YouTube

My Fight With a Sidewalk Robot
A life-threatening encounter with AI technology convinced me that the needs of people with disabilities need to be engineered into our autonomous future.

City lab

ht via @laura

Oh Notion is giving the Personal Plan for Free to students and educators now. I do (obviously) like there general thinking

Just watched the UK Premiere of Sword of Trust at Filmstock 12 really fun and great film perfect way to close the festival. Well done Neil and Justin another great festival and after a 10 year break it had the same great vibes. Loving the Luton idents too! 😂

Why is Software so Bad? Akimbo Podcast by Seth Godin. Nice comment on making to Share versus making with Care (delight)

You can now pre order @Manton’s book on micro blogging Coming out January 2nd! - I Kickstarter backed it but now everyone can pre order it. 100% recommended reading for 2020 👍✌️

Watched a wonderful film yesterday evening at Filmstock 12 about an Irish man’s dream to fly a plane. Amazingly personally and moving, the documentary was shot over a 5 and a half year period. The Man who wanted to Fly - Vimeo Trailer

Also a number of the tracks on the Lilysse Volumes have Alan Watts samples ! Wonderful

I always liked the idea of noise cancelling headphone but never had a pair, so I have nothing to compare with but the Air Pods Pro seem excellent to me.

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