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Oh no Spotify buys Gimlet and Anchor in podcast push…

The more understanding you have around the music you stream, the more we can personalise the ad experience. Now we can take that to podcasts. - VP and Global Head of Advertising Sales at Spotify

If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Fired up after chat with the awesome Doug aka @thoughtshrapnel - time for action!

Bill Gates claims poverty is decreasing. Unfortunately he is very wrong -

Realising why Zuboff book is so many pages! It’s really hard to explain the issue in a short form. Can’t wait for her talk tomorrow in London.

Hoping to catch some of the Super Bowl on the bbc although it will be late here in the UK and I appear to have caught a cold already which is annoying 🏈

@aral the live stream option in beaker where would I see that ? I assume it appears when you are doing something live ?

Having fun experimenting with Armory3D , the FOSS, next gen game engine designed to run inside of Blender using all of it's UI / shortcut conventions.

Experimental, early days yet, but I have big ambitions! 😆

#Armory3D #Blender #B3D #Gamedev #FOSS #OpenSource

My eLearn19 talk about semantic html and my project is now availble for anyone to watch online - Link and Discuss here

Collected in person from a real book shop (Waterstones) exciting 📚 📖

Sometimes research can be tough 👍🤪 - trying out the interesting Wandersong on PS4.

I’ve always said HTML and CSS is the gateway drug to a wonderful world of programming and such but it does appear that it is disappearing in this role. Which is a bad thing Rachel Andrew writes more on on this concern.

Doing a little research and starting to look for ball park costs for current web projects being built today by agency’s. content audit, ux process, customised cms + training, entire site would be rwd, branded and all the functionality you would expect from a modern website.

Throat was slightly gravelling today but 4-2 win and into the 5th Round of the FA Cup was worth all the shouting. 🤪😊😜

This is why I don’t watch the premiership all about falling over and conning the ref… come on you Dons

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