Twitching away my new screen recordings with OBS and this device. Hoping to capture to use as documentation of practice based research. Making things easier.

EU government websites have undisclosed adtech trackers from Google and others -

Catching up with some FA cup. Oh boy Man Utd game has been boring and corner kicks seem to ignore the placement ball and ref doesn’t care. Seriously rules need to be enforced. And finally VAR should be all games or no games Man City one their game purely based on bad refereeing

Ok had to turn auto correction back on… I lasted 4 days it was worse with it off and auto capatilise just didn’t work with it off. iPhone pains📱

The office updater app seems to need more updates than office apps themselves … why 😂

Yay Godot 3.1 is out In case you don’t know Godot is an opensource game engine that I like alot. Time for me to update Pacman remix project.

Just saying the BBC sounds apps inability to have a playlist history for radio stations is a huge backwards step from the BBC radio app

oh no did I pick a really bad time to phone virgin media for my mother in law…

Facebook, Instagram, Etsy and US Postal taken down amid major outages

Today at work I was able to partake in a Chinese tea ceremony around the story of the opium ships, the tea ritual reveals an understanding of the profound consequences the tea and opium trade has on the political world today - Artist Neja Tomšič

Firefox Send lets you send files with end-to-end encryption (up to 2.5gb)

Got inspired by both @thoughtshrapnel and @aaronpk recent videos, specifically this one with the OBS stuff and Elgato Stream Deck so I set up both a work (gamesdesignart) and my own streams - enjoy one of the streams showing a little of my microCard/ Vue app

Today I MUST systematically work through my Things list. Daily distractions.

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