The pupil is thereby “schooled” to confuse teaching with learning, grade advancement with education, a diploma with competence, and fluency with the ability to say something new. (1971,Illich)

Illich, I. (1971). Deschooling Society, Marion Boyars Publishers Ltd, p4.

A (hopefully) growing list of Mac / iOS and web apps that promote the open web -

So annoyed seems that the way I am handling attachments from pouchDB to couchDB gets it all upset and eventually throws a CORS error, makes little sense atm but will have to rethink attachments and bulkDocs editing…

I’d be super keen to connect to anyone on MB using specifically Vue/ Svg.js / pouchDB. Not necessarily all of them together like the fool I am 😂😜

If you know anyone that fits the bill nudge them my way.

Testing a local to remote sync service that works in real-time is hard. Errors creep in when you are not expecting them…

hang on when did editing come to app on macOS ! nice thanks @Manton

Juts been chasing a CORS error with couchDB around the houses that appeared for no reason and has now disappeared for no reason… frustratingly happy

Next up Eurovision hmmm who am I gonna pick 😊👍

Day 2 of the oneweb sprint. Off the cuff thoughts and notes for Clip 3 of my new microcast on microblog.

Monday was day 1 of my involvement in a 5 day sprint ending this Thursday. We are tasked with building a prototype to enhance the universities digital campus specifically that for prospective undergraduate students. Excited to see design thinking really touching our organisation level a...

Day ¼ on a University of Southampton Oneweb design sprint.

These days I’m use to facilitating or running design sprint style activities and workshops. So being on the other side of the coin again today reminds me…

a) it’s hard work
b) it’s tiring 😂

Our Air BnB guy for the week, Abendigo. Marms, Rosie and Tails not so impressed.

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