Ha trying to connect to a Jitsu Instance @aral was testing and got a cool image from the camera on my Pop!_ OS Laptop - thanks to fancy ceiling lamp shade

I am very much enjoying my Pop!_OS laptop as a great writing focus platform but my word Dell firmware updates are always scary

I am actually writing parts of the PhD up honest… and Obsidian is helping, one big reason is I can customise the UI using simple CSS

All staff meeting… what my video is on … is it … is it 😉

Enjoy ! The secret drawings of Great Britain’s UFO Desk thanks @eli for sharing dctr.pro/2ij

Bye lockdown hair you where becoming annoying and I don’t want to go to a hairdressers

Lots of these in the fields at the moment which is rather nice to see.

It’s like LA just colder and I’m not writing a screen play but an annoying phd on my new Linux (Pop!_OS) laptop

Running Pop!_OS watching Foot Loose feel like a real rebel 😜

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