Tomorrow’s teen party is prepped. I am unfortunately working quiet a bit of the day so will miss some of the fun. VR GT Sport Procter Raleigh Competition 2020.

Added a couple more UX tweaks before testing next week, however there is a couple of annoying UI bugs I need to focus some time on.

Did someone say a RPG Quest game to learn Academic Referencing…
They sure did ! RefQuest

This is not my avatar…. doing a little more playing in Roam, I can certainly see the power, not quite sure I like that everything starts as a bullet listed item… something about that I dont like

Today at WSA, University of Southampton, UK we will be showcasing work from BA Games Design & Art year 1 and 2. Open to the public. Feel free to pop in 4-7pm South building.

I left Twitter, facebook and Instagram ages ago but IG mailed me about DMs, I thought it was lying… turns out it wasn’t, nothing important mind and my profile had made it clear I had left however I decided to quickly update my profile image on each platform and re-log out 😊

Woah ! Flickr just deployed a serverside fix and emailed me about it (I had a big report in) which means it looks like the iOS app auto upload is now working for me! Finally. I may be able to give up my annual manual Mac upload madness cc @johnjohnston

If anyone is near Winchester School of Art, UK, this Friday and interested in the future of play and games, pop in and play some of our year 1 prototypes and see our year 2 games design work in our annual mid year pop up arcade event. No invite required.

Don’t stop building care of Deliveroo. Now I feel San Fran 😂

I was listening to Mac Power Users and the discussion about a tool for research and the list of main stream options came up such as , which reminded me about Roam again and this new video interview gives some light into why this tool is very interesting to me.

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