I’ll be speaking at World Usability Day 2019 in Berlin about ethical design worldusabilityday.org. The location is my former uni: HTW Berlin.

You can register here: wud2019-berlin.eventbrite.de/

If you’re around, let’s meet and talk :)

My talk today at HTW Berlin for World Usability Day 2019 just finished, and the people seemed to like it.

Slides here: naii.io/wud2019 (German)

The Ethical Design Manifesto by @indie / @aral and @laura was an essential part of it since this is my contribution to spreading the word and raising awareness :)

And one attendee literally said it was the highlight of his day.

Super grateful to have experienced that, and yes I was on a little high afterwards *yippieeee*

@aral @indie @laura

Funny side fact: It must have been in 2014 when I first saw you at World Usability Day speaking in Berlin about „You Are The Product” with a phenomenal performance - it was with Zuck’s revealing „dumb fucks” notion, and I believe it was the keynote (and similar to your talk at republica 2015: ind.ie/you-are-the-product)

So, now five years later I’m taking (ethical design) action myself and even speaking publicly.

I want to thank you for being that inspiring person :) THANK U

@naii @indie @laura So many people have seen my talks, very few are doing what you’re doing. So thank *you!* :) 💕

@aral @naii @indie @laura there may only be few of us but it’s worth it - yay 💥 - time will tell we where on the right side of this tech war

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