Ha trying to connect to a Jitsu Instance @aral was testing and got a cool image from the camera on my Pop!_ OS Laptop - thanks to fancy ceiling lamp shade

Updated main site, specifically with enhanced new community section! Join up if your interested in discussing and making spatial hypertext co-creation knowledge building tools, and if you like vue.js and pixijs I would triple love you to take a look - nodenogg.in/

Making myself a little web tool and using a whole range of stuff that @ChrisFerdinandi’s Vanilla JS Academy taught me.

I struggled with JavaScript for a decade so I really would recommend it for anyone who needs a big friendly confidence-booster.

The projects also have a focus on accessibility and writing great HTML. All the good stuff!

It’s also a really friendly, inclusive and supportive community (and I don’t say any of those words lightly!)


Alpha 0.1.19 released - new mobile friendly (enough) view (for quick node capture) & fixed IPFS (bunch of minor internal package updates too) nodenogg.in

Tuesday Afternoons just got brighter - Justin Hayward - I Know Your Out There Somewhere (live) -YouTube dctr.pro/2iq

Sitting in the garden with darkmode on pop os / firefox (dark reader) and dark noise app+ pure spa soundtrack via noise cancelling air pods pro.. slowly reading micro.blog and related links… drinking a beer… pretty good times….right eye stings a little mind

I am very much enjoying my Pop!_OS laptop as a great writing focus platform but my word Dell firmware updates are always scary

I have too much shit. One of the things about living through the "anything computer-related is expensive and difficult to obtain" era is the bad habit of keeping around "perfectly good" gear that I will absolutely never use

I probably don't need multiple crappy PCI VGA cards "just in case", but I can't bring myself to chuck them and the local repurposing place has declined them…

No damage to eye. What a silly move. Next time you have dish washer gel packets stuck together get small scissors. Don’t attempt to pull apart while looking at 👁💥🔥🤦🏻‍♂️

Good start to the week. Shot dishwasher tablet gel into my eye. Off to A&E as advised by 111. 👁 🔥

I am actually writing parts of the PhD up honest… and Obsidian is helping, one big reason is I can customise the UI using simple CSS

Whoops fixed up a couple of my broken overcast links.. something to do with how YOURLS translates the characters such as + .. need to update to latest YOURLS to see it that helps first. Apologies to all those that clicked to a broken link

This is a great introduction to a lot of research I have been undertaking for the last few years in podcast form from the creators of Muse App. (Ink & Switch) - Tools for Thought dctr.pro/2ip

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