Technology use and the mental health of children and young people.

the algorithms seem to push more and more harmful content


When you randomly email an alumni to see if they are still local and they reply and say sorry I’m not available as they moved for job working on Elite Dangerous! Very cool.

Today at WSA, University of Southampton, UK we will be showcasing work from BA Games Design & Art year 1 and 2. Open to the public. Feel free to pop in 4-7pm South building.

Ok when BBC news states the we won’t understand the pros and cons of social media until the firms that run Facebook , Instagram and Twitter hand over their data. Need to know the first two Are owned by The Facebook and secondly they will never hand over “their” data for research.

Fred Wilson’s principles :

Am I working on something that inspires me (and others)?

Am I working on something with a significant impact?

Am I working in a way that makes getting where I want to go as easy as possible (and keeps me there as long as possible)?

Yes indeed.

I left Twitter, facebook and Instagram ages ago but IG mailed me about DMs, I thought it was lying… turns out it wasn’t, nothing important mind and my profile had made it clear I had left however I decided to quickly update my profile image on each platform and re-log out 😊

Woah ! Flickr just deployed a serverside fix and emailed me about it (I had a big report in) which means it looks like the iOS app auto upload is now working for me! Finally. I may be able to give up my annual manual Mac upload madness cc @johnjohnston

I was very fortunate to spend a very short period of time with Doc Searls and his wife in 2018, such nice people, now here is episode 1 of his voicemailcast with Dave Winer. The stress and volatile nature of using digital technology so true! - M4A File (heads up swearing)

If anyone is near Winchester School of Art, UK, this Friday and interested in the future of play and games, pop in and play some of our year 1 prototypes and see our year 2 games design work in our annual mid year pop up arcade event. No invite required.

I do a lot more Cmd + H than I suspect @siracusa does however I have purchased his app as I liked the sound of it, I also loved classic macOS and it seems to feel like the right way after a short burst of use after installing I recommend checking it out. App Store

Middle Daughters / Grand Daughters Flat was broken into yesterday and they took a lot of nice stuff. Popped over tonight to help tidy up. Very upsetting for them and us.

Sneaky dark pattern via LinkedIn. Learn more takes you to the privacy policy etc. I assume that hitting either you are agreeing to the changes as dialog has now gone.

Microcast #082 – Nodenoggin | Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel

Happy days! I have now tweaked up the Read pane in so you can read someone elses contribution in full while adding or editing your own. Also migrated all the shortcuts keys to a Vue mixin, which was needed and the mixin concept was unknown to me a few hours ago

Did a microcast with @thoughtshrapnel this morning discussing please have a listen and let me and Doug know what you thought.

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