Ok lock down peeps if you haven’t watched the new Worzel Gummidge on bbc from Christmas yet. It is Sublime. bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000 via @bbciplayer

So there is talk about certain groups being able to be un-locked down, all I can say is that it can’t be teenage boys as they are not following the rules now seen numbers clearly meeting up from different house holds. They could be carrying it to many location with minor symptoms

We have know for ages that the Robots are coming and that Creative Thinking or more X Students will be the requirements going forward in a world where many jobs are completed by Robots, Smart School, Art School is all our say 😀 - New York Times dctr.pro/2hh

Bit the bullet and paid for ReadCube Papers, I had Papers 3 but after a very bumpy acquisition by ReadCube I was put off however I have just been testing all the other refenceing apps again and Paper macOS desktop version 4 is just the easiest to use. papersapp.com/

Ok I gave up on the magic of gitlab pages. But I did get Hugo going locally and remotely and have files in gitlab repo. doctor.adamprocter.co.uk

I had a bright idea in the shower this morning to use my gitlab with gitlab pages and Hugo to construct my PhD ‘book’ and write it mainly in VSCode using Markdown.

Gitlab pages setup - fail
Hugo setup - fail

Wasted day so far 👎💀☹️

I’m having one of those days. Achieving next to nothing. And how this didn’t destroy my Mac mid supplemental update is astonishing (and one positive today). 15” MBP Battery (service required) literally lasts no time, new MBP 16 needs to hurry up.

How do I get rid of this! I did the free month ages ago drives me round the bend

Free Movie of the Week documentary by filmmaker Gary Hustwit (Helvetica) about legendary designer Dieter Rams - 10/10 total recommendation for anyone interested in design and also the man who very much inspired a lot of Jony Ive’s work at Apple - dctr.pro/2hg

Oh my days auto local storage deletion is not good via @aral @aral this would also upset nodenogg.in a lot and strangely privacy is our thing … dctr.pro/2hf

It’s been a couple of tough weeks however our currents students, alumni, friends and family have been awesome, we have been preparing a number of things to make the end of the year as awesome as possible I hope I can make it all come together as best as possible for our students.

Now Play This - online - free this weekend - A festival of Experimental Games Design dctr.pro/2he

One of my favourite films ever. And the sound track is amazing. If for some strange reason you have not watched Edward Scissorhands it’s a 10/10

Keeping important local businesses afloat. New online delivery service for independent pub is go! Wasn’t sure I was close enough Village but look what the PubMan bring 👏

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