A guide to creating great key messaging - Jeremy Porter
/ht @epilepticrabbit dctr.pro/2ci

Although still feeling under the weather I am so pleased to have finally managed to get Brendan Dawes in to talk about his projects and process with Games Design & Art students. Such a nice guy and so many great projects. Very inspiring.

Starting to use Archive.org more and cross posting to YouTube. Here is 3 videos on concept for design system 1 of nodenoggin. Comment / feedback welcome.

Feedback archive.org/details/roughoutli

Haven’t been too well today (which is rare for me) I have however had a Turing moment I think on the design system for nodenoggin. So will be forcing myself to put some together in Adobe XD ASAP

Facebook executives labelled as gangsters. In a damning 108-page government report which calls for immediate regulation. Guardian UK dctr.pro/2cg

The nice thing is because I haven’t followed (as there is no counts etc.) to many “new” people on MB its just not very noisy which is rather grand. May have to have an explore and follow a few more but quality over quantity is the name of the game here 👍

This week we got positions being sync’d in the spatial UI for nodenoggin using couch and pouch.

Archive.org - will cross post to youtube ASAP archive.org/details/couch_pos_

I might be in the market for another mechnical keyboard at home.. at work I use the DAS Keyboard Model S Pro for mac. But I know a few other micro bloggers have been getting newer ones so whats looking good at the moment ?

I quite like the new icons and to be honest Office 365 is getting better & better but whats going on with the wet room based office and seriously word is not the future of work… well I hope not 😂

Is this what people wanted to control immigration? 63 year woman with no burden on the state & family all living in the UK has been told to leave. apple.news/AUZ6Hs3JOT2aY83NscS sad times ☹️

nodenoggin spatial interface, design education free software - get involved promo video

YouTube youtu.be/DBwcUcFXsSo

Oh no I like and use Patreon to send and receive and it turns out they took a lot of VC funding and as we know this is bad news these days… dctr.pro/2cd

Some iPhone apps are recording your screen…secretly ! brooksreview.net dctr.pro/2cc

If you live in the UK and can get to London and have any interest in game design or game making you have until the 24th Feb to visit V&A exhibition - Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt

p.s if you don’t go you don’t really like games.

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