Nice one, my PhD tool testing has been positive so far 👍😊

Happy days. Got to use my PhD work in progress in a senior working group at work today as we used a simple design thinking process to consider our digital education vision and related roles. ✌️

Oddly like mentioned on Mac Power Users sometimes my iOS 13 iPhone X has full signal on 4G but cannot do anything with data. However oddly I seem to find this in one spot in town! So I am not sure if it’s the phone or some lead in the coffee shop.

@aral don’t know too much about it but could site.js support IndieAuth ?

Super pleased to have been involved in this project, in various ways & guises for a number of years. And now I can finally share it ! Lloyds Bank are the first Bank to provide British Sign Language content on their website for the deaf community. Check out the Youtube video!

When you take a carry bag of used glass bottles to your local bottle bank and you find it’s already full, you take said bottles home, you do NOT leave them on the floor in said bag, seriously!

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Wrote a few blog posts today in MarsEdit and just published this one (so far) - Current Tech Stack This quickly outlines the updated tech stack for project - this stack has been in place for quite a while but realised I need an updated blog post on it.

£15 saved on new PS4 controller to replace the one chewed by the dog and will now be allocated as my controller 👍

Thanks @vasta actually didn’t realise how many songs I know and pure uplifting pop fun 🎧 🥤 😊

Pretty excited that Jasmine Isdrake agreed to come and give a talk and chat to my Games Design & Art students Tommorow. She flew over from Sweden today! If your near Winchester School of Art, UK and want to hear the talk it’s at 12pm Lecture Theatre A -

Oh no you are joking, Beat Saber Acquired by Facebook, Company Promises Continued Support – Variety via @Burk

Uploaded a little video tutorial on how to get up and running with Unity and git version control when making game projects - YouTube

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