The screen time prefs on my phone just don’t show the family section. Unlike iPadOS what a joke. Apple your release of iOS 13 has been dreadful, where the heck is the testing !

iPhone X since ios13 just doesn’t seem to get screen time requests anymore. So annoying for me and youngest daughter ! Tried the screen time on off dance on my phone which also screws up data no luck. Thankfully iPad gets notified. 😢 booo Apple

Dramatically reduced power usage in Firefox 70 on macOS with Core Animation – Mozilla Gfx Team Blog

My Mum hasn’t been in England for 20 years today she arrived back. 👍😬

Although I was smashed in this PES2020 match day game I was enjoying myself until other person started to try and showboat by just passing back to their goalie and holding onto the ball. I didn’t bother chasing in your tackle as was just sad in the end. Shame

iOS 13 screen time requests just not coming through. iOS 13 is still a mess

It’s been on the cards for a while but watched The Game Changers on Netflix and so will be making the move to a plant based diet (vegan) going forward. No reason for me to hold off. I’m gonna miss bacon sandwiches 😂

Full screen lyrics would be better but this is nice connected to stereo

Been following a number of students and alumni on inktober but most posts are still siloed within instagram but hey it’s also been good to see a number on too

Woah had to reconnect daughters iphone SE to the wifi for sing star mic use. It was like a baby phone next to my X and I use to love that size Hahahaha - however I’m never going Max…

Decided the safest way to test printers was to update my Catalina SSD install and just install the printers and see what happens. I can probably cope with the rest … Apple Arcade and Sidecar are waiting. Oh and Find My macOS app would be very nice (not just in side panel thing)

I think I need to check if there are any Printer driver updates for work printers before I do anything but most of my apps are now bar Adobe old cruft (I am fully latest CC) and old student game builds and old Wineskin stuff. I might be good to upgrade… soon(ish)

I think Apples initial stats will indicate a much slower move to upgrade to both iOS 13 and macOS 10.15 for the vast majority of people. I held back till 13.1 and Catalina I’m still holding back… previous years I have always been day 1

I’ll be waiting on the Switch release but oh yeah ! 198x Release Trailer - kickstarter funded to completion as well!! Amazing !!! for video games this is now very rare, they usually ask for too little funds and so if they make funding can’t actually fund production.

Bah safari dialog pop up and in fact my main browser is Firefox for iOS. Dam I wonder if I should let it close some…

Sorry we may have leaked your email and phone numbers for use by more advertisers twitter we don’t know how this could have happened and we don’t know who was effected… surveillance capitalism

Nice link to this app Go64 from Six Colors Catalina review. Step 1 check which apps are not ready 👍

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