Shortcuts sounds like it’s really going to be useful in iOS 13. I loved the concept but still personally found it to ...

Learn who synths work in this awesome interactive guide ! Learning Synths Ableton hat tip 🎩 @danielpunkass

Selecting a folder inside iCloud Drive from the macOS screenshot app doesn’t work just puts them top level. Seriously Terminal here I come!

Ok have moved every file and folder in Dropbox to iCloud Drive…UPLOADING…

My Dropbox renewal is coming up and I think I’ll migrate my Dropbox folder to iCloud Drive, save money and at some point ditch the Dropbox app. Need to check a couple of things over the next few weeks in terms of app intergration but I think I have very few these days.

Well done England but shame Cameron and the Ref really showed poor discipline & control ⚽️

Ivor talking about bringing our club Wimbledon back to Plough Lane - fantastic video. YouTube 💛💙

New BBC Top Gear is very good. Paddy is (unsurprisingly) excellent. 🚙

Everyone love a penalty shoot out

Says BBC commentator. Erm I would suggest the very opposite ! Seriously what the heck ⚽️

If this game 🇳🇴 🇦🇺 goes to pens we have 2 problems new rules about goalie on line nonsense and the hell that is VAR… ⚽️ just saying in advance

Amusing Norwegian Coach complain ball went off the sideline but he is clearly out of his technical area and likely blocking the assistant refs view. Good game Norway 🇳🇴 v Australia 🇦🇺 ⚽️

I love Catch 22, I didn’t even mind the film adaption I am however very concerned as I understand the linear approach the new channel 4 version is taking will ruin it. But am going to watch anyway

This is a very interesting read on when Mills discovered that he has ADHD - Medium

I rarely use public transport but am a big advocator of environmental travel yet every time I do it’s hell.

Prior to a train leaving a station people who put bags on seats are just selfish.

I’m going to state my non moving position I have never liked VAR. ⚽️ 🥅

proper amount of wealth is that which neither descends to poverty nor is far distant from it

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