Well I think it’s fine building jumbo planes … I know we have come a long way … But tell me, where do the children play

Very much not a fan of eBay for numerous reasons, now “new” embroidery machine won’t work with error that basically indicates it needs a service. By the time we got to setting up weeks have passed. Trying to encourage wife to contact seller and possibly send v.negative feedback☹️

My new project when I return to work in a week. Who knows it might work 👍💥

That scene in Wreak it Ralph (1) , The Matrix or just plain old edit mode in Media Molecules Dreams?!

My first 3 real jobs where all in Customer Service and we had a lot of training on how to deal with customer and it has stuck with me. When people are paying a £1 a minute you have to be on it. And no it wasn’t one of those kind of lines!

I really struggle with terrible customer service, customers should not be rude ofcourse, but when there has been a genuine mistake, you do not try to prove your position, you apologise, you clear up the issue & you don’t argue with the customer about the nuances

My short look at media molecules Dreams. I am pretty impressed with what could be a new publishing platform! Twitch twitch.tv/videos/413013409

I know people spoke out but a programme like this should have been made every 5 years for the last 30. Gradual change would have been easy now major and fast change needed - Climate Change - The Facts via @bbciplayer so excellent.

One tutorial down in Dreams. So far so good. But I realised I need a PS4 camera for my move controllers (of course the PS3 one is way to old) to be useful.

If anyone on micro.blog knows of knows of anyone with good understanding of pouchdb and couchdb. Let me know as I’d love to discuss my project and some of the way I think I should implement things.

I’ve got a mega blog post I need to now split into a 3 parter about indie games. Hopefully this week. Just downloaded Dreams early access though 😂👍

So close to real-time sync with pouch and couch across clients. It’s been very fiddly, as I’m trying to react to changes from client 1 in remote DB to update the local DB on client 2 which can puts you in a sync spin but I think I am almost in control…

Death by PowerPoint can literally be a real thing. Did NASA communicate data on the Columbia Shuttle in the best possible way?

Don’t just jump to your laptop and write out slides of text. Think about your message. Don’t let that message be lost amongst text. dctr.pro/2d5

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